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5 Characteristics of a Successful Bar Franchise Owner

5 Characteristics of a Successful Bar Franchise Owner

5 Characteristics of a Successful Bar Franchise Owner

Voodoo Brewing Co - Matteo Rachocki CEO
Thinking of bringing a Voodoo Brewing Co. location to your city, but don’t know if you have what it takes to be a successful bar Franchise Owner? Think again! Voodoo’s franchise opportunities make it easy to become a successful business owner, even if you’ve never set foot behind a bar in your entire life. The Voodoo crew is there to guide you through a step-by-step process from purchase to launch and beyond and will be by your side every step of the way. We already have a globally-recognized product that practically sells itself (because everyone loves beer…especially GOOD beer.) – all you have to do is put it into action! 

Once you’ve taken a look at our bar franchise, you’ll see how Voodoo is different from other franchise opportunities you may have seen before. There can be no reward without a little risk, right? Opening a bar franchise with Voodoo gives you the chance to maximize your potential success in your market, at a fraction of the risk that’s involved with opening your own bar from scratch.

Why is the Voodoo Brewing Co. model different? Because we care! 

We want each of our franchises to be as successful as our original locations in PA, and we’ve streamlined every aspect of business ownership to make this process as easy as possible for you! We’ve developed the Voodoo Brewing Co. franchise model over 10 years and have launched 7 (and counting) successful test markets all across the country. Now… it’s your turn! 

Here are some of the traits we’ve found will help you during your journey to becoming the Ultimate Bar Franchise Owner! Here are some tried and true characteristics that we’ve found will kickstart your effectiveness as a new Voodoo Brewing Co. Franchise Owner!

#1 – You’re a BADASS

Alright, alright – we already KNOW you’re a badass if you’re considering or have recently become an Owner of your very own Voodoo bar franchise, but this trait is actually very important. 

Crucial, if you will. Restaurants and bars are one of the most chaotic yet rewarding industries, and you’re going to have to master the art of not giving a f*ck. Staying calm under pressure and being an all-around badass is a trait that will get you very far in the hospitality industry. 

Besides, the Voodoo Brewing Co. ethos is completely rooted in badassery. It’s important that our Franchise Owners know that they are part of a structured company that knows how to have fun. It’s imperative to our business operations that we serve a quality product (ahem… the best beer ever) and that we (and our employees) have fun while doing it.

 If this sounds like you, let’s move on to the next trait of a successful bar Franchise Owner – you want to make some money! 

#2 – You Want to Make Money!

Not to brag or anything, but a Voodoo Brewing Co. bar franchise brings in some serious cash for the average Franchise Owner, with minimal investment. According to our 2020 FDD stats, Voodoo Brewing Co. franchises gross roughly $586K on average per year.* So if you feel like you are ready to take on a bar franchise that already has proven results, Voodoo Brewing Co. is the franchise for you. 

It’s also very important that a bar Franchise Owner is business-savvy and understands the basics of business practices and economics. You are running a business, after all. This is one of the most sought-out traits of a business owner: the ability to make split decisions that will maintain efficiency and are cost-effective for the company. Luckily, our operations are built on a six-person team,  so you can keep costs down while letting profits soar. 

We’ve already built a globally-recognized brand in Voodoo Brewing Co.-  all you have to do is have an “all-in” mentality and lead your team to greatness with that business-savvy trait that made you want to become a bar Franchise Owner in the first place! 

#3 – You’re a Communicator 

In order to lead a successful team, it’s very important to have excellent communication skills to keep everyone on the same page and working together. After all, our Voodoo bar franchise plan runs on efficient, but tight, staff procedures which mean every piece of the machine has to work simultaneously together. 

Ever heard the phrase “the sum of all parts is greater than the whole”? This means that every person can become greater than they are on their own when they work together as a cohesive team. It’s up to you as the leader and Franchise Owner to guide your team to success and the best way to do that? Communication! 

Staying hands-on with your team is a great way to ensure that you are reaching economic efficiency and aren’t wasting any additional labor or products, and also helps maintain the “tight-knit” environment. You’ve seen establishments where it’s clear the owner is hardly ever around and doesn’t care much about the business. It certainly shows when an owner, whether a privately-owned company or a franchise, doesn’t put their heart and soul into the business. 

We aren’t saying you have to be there every day or you can’t operate this business remotely, but it is imperative that you communicate your standards and your expectations to those you trust to run your business. Which leads us to our next trait… 

chugging at a craft brewery franchise location

#4 – You Know How to Trust People

Since you cannot physically be there during all operating hours of your business, especially if you run on a 7-day weekly schedule, you’ll have to find people you trust to run operations when you can’t be there. Another key aspect of a successful business owner, particularly of the bar franchise variety, is finding an outstanding team of people who you trust to carry the torch of personality and company morals through the years. 

People will stay at jobs they feel provide them with a sense of responsibility and trust them to do their job correctly, and this builds employee loyalty – which is one of the most valuable assets of your entire company. When employees feel trusted and valued, they will go above and beyond, and that attitude of gratitude is passed on to your customers.

Constant communication is the best way to get your message from the top-level all the way down the company’s structure with the fewest number of “translations” on the way down. Since Voodoo Brewing operates on a fairly small team per franchise, this task is not as daunting as it may seem. Building a company environment with your ideal practices is easy with the Voodoo Brewery Franchise model, we give you all the tools to make this a streamlined and easy process while giving you the space to maintain your own style and flair.

There are many apps and tools to use to make staff-wide communication easier and your message transparent. We all know how information gets through the grapevine after all. With effective communication and a badass team of trusted members, you will go far as a successful Bar Franchise Owner.

#5 – You Love High-Energy and Fast-Paced Work Environments 

Have you ever paid attention during a dinner rush at your favorite restaurant or happy hour at your favorite bar? If the team is running efficiently, you may not even notice that the staff is performing multiple tasks at an extremely high rate of accuracy and volume. However, that can easily fall apart as the staff becomes stressed or overloaded. About 100 things can (and do) go wrong at any given moment during a restaurant’s busiest hour and as the leader and captain of this ship – it’s up to you to make sure it stays afloat. 

As a successful Bar Franchise Owner, you have to know that being “in the weeds” can be a great thing, it means you’re pushing your limits and you are a popular business. Now you don’t want your employees to feel like they are constantly drowning, but a busy shift gives your staff the opportunity to perform at their highest-functioning levels. 

A trait of a successful bar Franchise Owner is being able to thrive in these high-energy and fast-paced work environments because it’s all about how you handle that crunch time rush that will gear you towards success. Customers notice how you delegate tasks and manage crises during your busiest hours and it will reflect their loyalty to your business. 

Keep rolling with the punches and know that even in the “weediest of weeds” – there is always a light at the end of the tunnel (even if that’s just closing time!) Maintaining a calm presence in the midst of chaos will keep your staff pushing on and your customers impressed with your “cool as a cucumber” performance. Remember that your vibe trickles down to the rest of the staff, if you stay there as a beacon of clarity and support, your staff will maintain that attitude throughout the shift as well. 

Now that you know the basics of being a successful bar Franchise Owner, what are you waiting for? If you’re a badass who loves beer and making profits, knows a thing or two about business strategies like communication and trusting your team, and thrive in high-energy environments – a Voodoo Brewery Franchise is the opportunity you’ve been looking for! The beer practically sells itself and with our fun ethos and company values, you’ll look forward to “coming into the office”. 

Since 2005, Voodoo Brewery has created a premium-quality craft beer that is known by beer aficionados around the world. Our franchise opportunities take all of the guesswork and heavy-lifting out of owning a brewery – you don’t even have to have any brewing knowledge or equipment – we deliver Voodoo’s premium craft beer directly to you! 

Don’t just take our word for it, whether you are simply intrigued or have been thinking about investing in a Voodoo Brewing Co. bar franchise, the time to act is now. With the amount of time it takes to launch a new franchise, if you invest in your future now, you’ll be ready to launch just in time for the busiest beer season of the year. 

Please view our franchising opportunities page for more information.

*Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD.

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    Should I open my own bar or invest in a brewery franchise?

    Should I open my own bar or invest in a brewery franchise?

    Should I open my own bar or invest in a brewery franchise?

    So, you’ve decided to open a bar. Or at least you’re entertaining the thought- after all, you’re here, aren’t you? If you’re torn between striking out on your own and partnering with a brewery franchise like Voodoo, you’re going to want to read this.

    A hot topic for a hot market

    With market analysts indicating a post-pandemic upswing in the industry, many entrepreneurs are finding themselves asking that very question. We’ll go in and have a look at some of the challenges and strengths of the different approaches.

    At a glance

    Brewery franchise vs. starting bar from scratchOpening your own bar is not without its appeal. The idea of starting your very own business from scratch is alluring to some entrepreneurs wanting to test their mettle.

    Others feel that a brewery franchise can be creatively restricting, taking on the role of marketing director alongside existing management duties, despite having no background in branding or advertising. I don’t agree with this failure to delegate, as it is an almost ignorant form of micromanagement. 

    That being said, many entrepreneurs, including those without restaurant experience feel compelled to take on this incredible risk. Let’s have a look at some of the pitfalls these entrepreneurs will likely encounter:

    Real Estate

    Finding real estate zoned for restaurants can be challenging, risky, and expensive. Prospective restaurateurs need to be wary of city planning, zoning and development initiatives that will undoubtedly affect their business.

    It is also a competitive space, and independent entrepreneurs can often be outbid by large chain corporations that are sure to be interested in prime space. This is where buying a brewery franchise like Voodoo, and having real estate support every step of the way, can be really helpful. (It also doesn’t hurt that we’re more interested in the funky, second-generation real estates that a lot of these other unimaginative chains tend to overlook!)


    As an aspiring independent bar owner, you’re going to need a lot of permits to operate. Obtaining all of the necessary permits is both critical and a notorious headache for owners.

    These include (but are certainly not limited to) food safety permits, liquor permits, signage and parking space permits, dumpster bin placement permits, and the list goes on and on and on. I

    t’s enough to make anybody’s head spin, and you haven’t even opened yet. Cities seem to love red tape, and it can be very helpful to have the support of a franchise community to help to navigate it all.


    “Well, we’ve got the sign out, we’ll be just fine… they’ll be rolling in any day now.” One can pretty much hear the crickets and the tumbleweeds blowing in this scenario, where an independent bar owner has absolutely no idea how to market their watering hole. Or maybe they’re just figuring, “How hard can it be to sell beer? This place will advertise itself!”

    It certainly would be nice if it worked like that. 

    Voodoo Brewery FranchiseOne pitfall that many entrepreneurs in almost every industry overlook is just how much time and energy and capital you need to set aside in order to market your business. Just because you are opened doesn’t mean people know who you are or what you’re about. 

    People only go where they know, so branding really matters. Brand recognition takes time and money to build, it can take years – even decades. Years that entrepreneurs don’t have to wait to fill up their establishment.

    • Start-up costs and failure rates – Well it isn’t rocket science – entrepreneurs can add up those real estate permitting, building and renovation contracts, staff-onboarding, and supplier costs and hope to heck there is still a sizable chunk of change for branding and marketing. 

    Even if the prospective bar owner gets all that right, if the research has missed anything, he could be watching the city demolish that old strip mall across the street and be sitting across from a condo-development for the next 5 years, only to have the owners move in and complain about the noise from the bar. The failure rate of new restaurants is a staggering 60%.

    Yes, it’s sad but it’s true. Many people who have found their way into some wealth or had it all along dream naively of a charmed existence, and don’t realize the grueling hours, hard work and early-death-inducing stress that comes with owning your own bar.

     The restaurant industry was already a brutal one long before the pandemic threw everything into upheaval, and it has only gotten more difficult with safety restrictions, lockdown orders coming into and going out of effect, and of course the ever-present risk of infection.

    Luckily there is an alternative and safer way to enter this tough industry. Franchise Owners enjoy all the perks of a successful restaurant with a greatly reduced amount of headache.

    Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of investing in Voodoo Brewery franchise ownership.

    Lower Risk One of the reasons that a lot of bars fail is the lack of capital. This industry can throw you all kinds of curveballs; maybe a cooler goes down and you lose a store of food, or a passerby crashes his vehicle into the dining room. It happens. Having the backing of a larger brewery franchise, and the support that implies is a far more cautious approach to this (sometimes volatile) industry.

    Customer Base and Brand Recognition If one were to look up a step-by-step guide to building a restaurant or a bar, the first step would be to come up with a brand.

    People don’t buy products, people buy brands, they buy what a brand is associated within their minds. It takes years and loads of capital to build a strong brand that attracts customers.

    brewery franchise and supplier Franchise Owners reap the rewards of years of work put into a franchise by the Founders and other Franchise Owners in the system. This is the biggest obstacle to overcome for any bar, restaurant, or brewery. Getting that association is the key to success, and it is already done for you when you buy into a franchise.

    Collective buying power – This is a great perk that saves Franchise Owners a lot of money starting out. As an independent, you are far more likely to be bullied into higher prices by suppliers who don’t care if you take your business elsewhere.

    When you are a part of a large brewery franchise corporation, however, bar-owners have better deals negotiated for them because suppliers are more willing to make deals to keep a larger amount of business around. And if you’re a Voodoo Brewery Franchise Owner, your supplier IS your franchise corporation- we make all of our award-winning beer right at our Meadville, PA compound, then ship it all over the country for Franchise Owners to have on tap. There’s no need for you to scramble to strike deals with suppliers, as you would if you owned an independent bar. We’ve got you covered- all you have to do is sell some of the most in-demand, celebrated brews in the craft beer industry…think you can handle that?

    Franchise community – Fools rush in, as they say. Having an entire community of Franchise Owners, not to mention a hands-on support team to reach out to is indispensable for entrepreneurs making their way. The benefits of collective experience range far and wide, and Franchise Owners know that they have support, no matter what situation the industry may throw at them.

    A safer way to an exciting new career – It may have been easy to decipher from the former section; however, it is worth stating that independent restaurateurs need to know what they are doing to have a hope in heck of surviving.

     Buying a franchise through an already well-established and dynamic brand like Voodoo Brewing is a safer way to invest in the dream of running a craft brewery, without necessarily having experience managing a restaurant.

    As long as you can embrace the tried-and-true business model and learn a thing or two that the Franchise teaches, it is possible to live the dream of running an award-winning craft brewery franchise like Voodoo, at a small fraction of the risk of opening an independent bar.

    Visit our site for more information on owning a Voodoo Brewery franchise.



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      5 Signs Your City Needs a Craft Brewery Franchise NOW

      5 Signs Your City Needs a Craft Brewery Franchise NOW



      5 Signs Your City Needed a Craft Brewery Franchise, Like, Yesterday


      What is it that is so awesome about a Craft Brewery Franchise? 

      Voodoo craft brewery franchise is fun!There’s the beer, of course, always a fresh batch of something seasonal to taste, the excitement of something new. The benefits of a craft brewery franchise like Voodoo Brewing Co. go far beyond the beer itself, however, and not just for the Franchise Owners.

       A craft brewery is not just a distributor of fine beer but a hub for its community. Connections are made, local commerce takes place and local artists have a space to perform. A craft brewery is an attraction, for visitors to your city to visit, and get to know the people who live there. 

      With market demand for craft breweries on the rise, it might be just the thing your city needs to build a sense of community. We take a look at 5 signs your city needs a craft brewery franchise, in case you are sitting on top of the opportunity of a lifetime and didn’t even know it!


      There’s simply nowhere to go

      Here’s a familiar scenario. It’s Friday afternoon, work is done for the week (finally) and its time to commend the hard work that has been done with your second family, your team. It’s time for a beer, but this comes with a really difficult decision. Where?

      The only places really worth heading to are across town, too far to travel, so you opt for that bar in the hotel across the street. It’s dead, as in even the bartender is nowhere to be found. 

      The beer tastes old in the warm sleeve and you decide to just pay the bill rather than buy another round of flat draught beer

      It’s a real problem!

      With gentrification taking place across the country in many urban neighborhoods, there is an increased demand for quality watering holes as the dated dives shut their doors and the areas are redeveloped. 

      This could be a prime opportunity for a savvy investor to satisfy a community need for a public house and quality craft beer.


      The only places to go are gross

      Have you ever walked into a bar that has that faded, cigarette-burned teal carpet (why is it always teal?!) with such delightful decor as neon beer signs, taxidermy, and saloon doors? Of course you have. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good dive as much as the next guy, but let’s face it, sometimes a person has got to eat, and when I am a little worried about the last time the surfaces were cleaned, I’m not about to order the cheeseburger. 

      I’m not alone either: as craft breweries have raised the bar for experience, the old biker bars and dives simply don’t draw the numbers that they used to. Those damned millennials are so entitled – wanting to consume their food and drink in a clean, inviting environment that doesn’t smell- just unbelievable

      Opening up a shiny new craft brewery franchise in a city where the best bar is a dive can be a great way to enliven a stagnated part of the community, and earn a decent return on investment in the process.  

      The bars are over-commercialized 

      This was a big problem for consumers in their hometown for a long time. As the particularly apt entrepreneurs should already know, a problem is an opportunity for a product. 

      chugging at a craft brewery franchise locationIn cities where this is taking place, people actually don’t particularly like the overly-franchised restaurant lounge clones as much as one might think. 

      These places do very well, thanks to their base of brand recognition, however, in my neighborhood alone, there are three different locations of the same restaurant, all within 5 minutes walking distance from each other. 

      This is obviously not ideal, as it creates competition between Franchise Owners, who should really be supporting each other. 

      A franchise like Voodoo Brewing, who literally self-describes as the anti-franchise, is an awesome example of getting it right in the pocket. 

      Brand recognition and support without being such a large corporate conglomerate that it is literally eating itself. This brand is placing itself much closer to the consumer than the latter model and stands to reap the rewards in high traffic areas where this is to be found.

      Return of the undead bar


      This is a phenomenon that I find humorous as well as a little puzzling. Many entrepreneurs and business-minded folks who love beer, may have noticed that pub or restaurant that always seems to be coming back with a different name, signage, and décor perhaps, but is still, in essence, doing the same thing as its predecessor – failing! 

      I can’t imagine the rationale that invests x number of hundreds of thousands of dollars into an establishment that is being sold due to lack of performance, and then proceeds to change the name and operate in the exact same manner – sometimes with the same menu! 

      It’s absurd, textbook insanity, and it is a fantastic sign that your city needs a fresh idea like an award-winning craft brewery franchise.

      Brewpubs a-plenty

      craft brewery franchise with food“Well, I do love the idea”, you may be thinking, “but there are already a few craft breweries in my city.

       Here’s the thing – what makes craft beer so incredibly popular, and so wildly successful, is that it satisfies the consumer’s need for novelty.

       In a city with a thriving craft beer scene, different breweries enjoy the benefits of craft beer tourism. What a beautiful concept, and a way for breweries to compete when consumers commonly attend several establishments in a night. 

      The fact that this appeal to this industry is based on individual brands and their character and of course their beer, makes for an inclusive, and ultimately lucrative market space. 

      Going in with pre-developed brand recognition makes a Franchise Owner all the more likely to succeed even if they are entering a thriving craft beer scene. The more the merrier!

      Cities stand to benefit from a healthy, and thriving beer scene, whether rife with breweries or centered on just one popular spot.

      Buying the right franchise for your community could be an incredible opportunity to provide a service that people love to enjoy.

      Visit our site for more information about craft brewery franchise ownership with Voodoo.


      Own an anti-corporate, pro-fun brewery franchise.

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        The Return of the Bar – What to Expect in a Post-COVID-19 Society

        The Return of the Bar – What to Expect in a Post-COVID-19 Society


        For owners of bars and craft beer franchise locations like Voodoo Brewing Co., 2021 is the year they can finally see an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though it will likely be a while before we are all experiencing everything life has to offer the same way we did before March 2020, our country is definitely closer to normalcy than we’ve been in a long time. But what does this mean for craft beer franchise proprietors- or any small business owners, for that matter? What does the future hold for everyone who just wants to grab a beer with buddies on a random Thursday night, the way we used to? 

        Believe it or not, the thing we’ve all been dreaming about- gathering with friends and family for a fun night out- isn’t as far off as it still seems. Here at Voodoo Brewing Co., we’re already taking every step we can to make sure our craft beer franchise is still able to show guests a damn good time- after all, we deserve it! 

        We’re sure to see some of the minor tweaks and pivots, like mask-wearing, social distancing, and ramped-up cleaning and sanitation efforts- becoming part of the normal bar experience in the coming months, but these minor changes are nothing compared to the feeling of getting together with your ride-or-die bros and bro-ettes at your favorite neighborhood craft beer franchise (Read: Voodoo!)

        Here’s a glimpse into what experts predict for 2021 and beyond.

        craft beer franchise 2020 pivotWe all know the pandemic story… But what comes next?

        It would have been TOTALLY impossible in 2019 for restaurant and brewery owners to ever guess where they would be today.  Without a doubt, the pandemic has been crazy tough on breweries and on the restaurant industry as a whole. We feel for our brothers and sisters in the craft beer industry, and are happy to report that thanks to a couple of fun little innovations, like our outdoor beer garden spaces and limited beer delivery services, our craft beer franchise is still rockin’ and rollin’, and ready to kick 2021 into high gear!

        The pandemic has been especially tough for independent craft brewers and owners of local bars and restaurants. With rent piling up, many owners of small neighborhood pups have been forced into bankruptcy and put out of business. Many brewers were seeing 90% of their sales going to orders placed and enjoyed in-house, pre-pandemic, so to be fair, it may be hard to see why now might be the best time ever to break into the industry with a craft beer franchise like Voodoo Brewing Co.

        You may be surprised to find it is actually an ideal time to get the ball rolling if you have ever thought about running a bar or craft beer franchise.

        How many times have you thought to yourself lately, geez I can’t wait until I can just go to a pub and simply order a beer again

        Well, you aren’t alone. 

        Good news for craft beer Franchise Owners

        The tastier of the NRAs – the National Restaurant Association, released data showing that 83% of adults say they are not eating at restaurants as much as they would like to.

        This and other factors have indicated that although now may be an incredibly difficult time to be trying to survive as a restaurant, it may counterintuitively be the prime time to invest for those preparing to enter the industry.  

        While the outlook is still grim at the moment for those still currently trying to weather the most disruptive global event in our lifetime, some industry changes have kept the closings down to a minimum. These changes, along with the rollout of vaccines, does offer a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

        One positive change for the industry brought about by the pandemic was the introduction of new legislation which allowed for the sale of beverages via e-commerce. With beverage drinks being such a regulated space, this was a victory for craft brewery and restaurant owners alike.
        Not every business owner was fortunate enough to survive the tribulations brought on by COVID-19, however, with 17% of US restaurants being reported closed in early December 2020.

        With nearly 1/5 of the industry closing its doors, a lot of restaurant and brewpub space has opened up, particularly for craft beer franchise models like Voodoo’s, that thrive on second-generation real estate in quirky, eclectic neighborhoods. This unfortunate reality for those businesses that have closed is actually has a positive effect on those looking to get into the restaurant industry – more specifically for entrepreneurs thinking about owning a franchise.

        While there may be a lot of real estate opening up, investing in opening an independent restaurant is still a risky proposition. Just like any other market, as opportunities arise, the space can quickly become saturated.

         If there is an influx of new brands and ideas popping up post COVID-19, it will be too easy to find yourself lost in the noise. Investing in a craft beer franchise at this time would mean that you’d have a corporate team there to provide the proven business model, training, support and Franchise Owner community that would be needed to maximize potential for a return on your investment.

        Bart Watson, the Chief Economist for the Brewer’s Association said in an interview with Forbes Magazine that he forecasts the 2nd quarter of 2021 to be still challenging for the industry, and anticipates the beginning of a return to normal for the 3rd period, with a prediction of sales falling 8% by the end of the year.

        While there is still much pressure on existing brewpubs across the country, the timing may work out for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

        At Voodoo Brewing Co., it takes our craft beer Franchise Owners approximately 9 months after training until they can open their doors and serve their first customers. When compared to the 10-year runway needed to build a new brand in this industry, this seems like virtually no time at all…yet for an aspiring entrepreneur who got started on the journey to craft beer franchise ownership today, it would be just long enough to increase the likelihood of a return to more normal activity by the time Opening Day rolled around.

        Voodoo Craft Beer FranchiseIs it time to open a craft beer franchise with Voodoo Brewing Co.?

        Imagine for a moment you have decided to take the leap, and have invested in Franchise Ownership with us – by the way: Congratulations, good move.  

        Once educated on the proven business model, you will be on your way to opening your doors in a rewarding new career managing your very own craft beer franchise- not to mention having exclusive rights to serve Voodoo’s award-winning beers in your community. As previously mentioned, this process takes around 9 months to complete.

        Coinciding with the vaccine rollout and subsequent reopening of the world means it is actually a great time to begin the process. You will literally be watching your world open just as the rest of the world reopens, and the hordes of socially distanced and happy-hour-starved survivors pour into the establishments.

        When looking at the first “reopening” back after the first wave of coronavirus in 2020, and trying to introduce social distancing into an industry that revolves around people getting together socially, the outlook was grim. 

        Reduced capacities, hours, contact tracing, mandatory masks, the list goes on and on. I think it’s safe to assume that aside from the excitement to leave home, nobody was really stoked on what the “new normal” was going to look like.

        This time though, (thankfully) we have vaccines.

         With the US government recently securing contracts for enough doses to vaccinate the nation, things are surely looking up. What started as a two-week disruption and led to one of the hardest years known by many, is finally being fought back, dose by dose, arm by arm. 

        This time, reopening is going to mean reopening, and normal is going to mean normal – eventually. We may not be there yet, but the end is in sight.

        With all this in mind perhaps, when looking towards the reopening of society in general we can afford to be a little more optimistic this time. 

        When thinking about what bars and restaurants will look like, post-COVID, we can now look to places like Australia or New Zealand, who have managed to keep on top of coronavirus. 

        Photos of crowded rugby stadiums and bars with no plexiglass barriers offer hope that bars will look much the same post-pandemic as they did pre-pandemic. Of course, there will be some new kids on the block, as investors and entrepreneurs see the opportunity ahead of them.

        It’s easy to see why right now is such an exciting time for entrepreneurs. The reality of the situation is that ebb and flow is constant. The pandemic undoubtedly has been a tragic situation that nobody wanted to endure. 

        One silver lining, however, is the resulting demand that has built up in the population, which is sure to create a space for current and future entrepreneurs to flourish and succeed. 

        Interested in owning a craft beer franchise with Voodoo? You have excellent taste! Visit our site for more info.


        Own an anti-corporate, pro-fun brewery franchise.

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          Alison Wainwright Brings our Craft Beer Business to Las Vegas

          Alison Wainwright Brings our Craft Beer Business to Las Vegas

          We’ve just started the year with a BANG here at Voodoo Brewery, as our craft beer business has finally made its way out west. New Franchise Owner Alison Wainwright liked the Voodoo model so much that she decided to sell out the entire city of Las Vegas, NV! Our team was lucky enough to catch up with her to talk about her story and big plans for her new brewery.

          A natural fit for the Voodoo business model, Alison has been an entrepreneur since she was young, describing how she used to sell home-made perfume and mow lawns in grade school to make some extra money. She’s carried this trait with her well into her professional career, having owned a small business in Las Vegas for the past 16 years. Recently, though, Alison was looking to change things up and scratch her entrepreneurial itch once again. Who better to do it with than Voodoo Brewery? 

          craft beer business

          Alison is slated to open her Voodoo Brewery within the coming months

          Alison wasn’t always planning on opening a craft beer business, however. She actually came across Voodoo nearly by accident! “I was actually researching tanning salon franchises and somehow came across some information about Voodoo on the internet,” says Alison. “Even though it wasn’t related to what I was originally looking for, I couldn’t stop reading and learning more about Voodoo. The branding and business model fit me perfectly!”

          Within merely days, Alison was speaking with a brand representative and well on her way to opening up her own craft beer business with Voodoo Brewery. She was instantly hooked on the Voodoo model, so much so that she describes not being able to sleep because she couldn’t stop thinking of how good a fit the opportunity was for her! After a virtual discovery day and Zoom meeting with Voodoo President Jake Voelker and CEO Matteo Rachocki, Alison was certain that she and Voodoo were a perfect match.

          Fast forward several months, and Alison is well ahead of schedule to open her first Voodoo Brewery later this year. “I love the flexibility and diversity this company offers,” Alison describes. “They are open to ideas and I truly feel like we are a team. It feels like I’m part of the family.” We’re very excited to see what the future holds for Alison and her new craft beer business and we have no doubt that both she and her new franchise will be quite successful in the entertainment capital of the world!

          What was it about the Voodoo franchising model that had Alison hooked? Well, for starters, our Franchise Owners enjoy the potential for tremendous growth and profitability. In 2019, our franchises saw average gross sales of $586,202, with our top pub grossing $1,143,971.* At the same time, our investment starts at $358,500, a quarter of the cost of other brewery franchise concepts! Our simple, straightforward design lets our Franchise Owners operate on a lean staff of six people or less, meaning fewer headaches and more potential for high profitability. 

          Another aspect of our model that our Franchise Owners like Alison love is the fact that our Franchise Owners get to be their own bosses. When you own a craft beer business with Voodoo, you get to do things your way on your schedule. This means having time off when you need it, taking that vacation you’ve always been wanting, and spending more time with the fam. If any challenges are to arise, our corporate support team has you covered, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need help training staff, pushing marketing efforts, or just need someone to drink a beer with, you can rest easy knowing that our support team has your back any time!

          Best of all, however, owning a craft beer business with Voodoo Brewery is fun! Not only do you get to serve some of the most badass food and beer out there, but you’re constantly surrounded by like-minded people that share your passion. Each Voodoo Brewery has its own unique atmosphere that can’t be replicated anywhere else. As a Franchise Owner, you get to add you’re own flair and make it truly your own, something that typical franchise opportunities simply cannot offer. This not only gives you a sense of pride but a daily fulfillment that can’t be found elsewhere.

          So what’re you waiting for? Leave your boring corporate career in the dust and bring a legendary beer experience to your community. Visit our franchising site to get started.

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          *Numbers obtained from 2020 FDD Document

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