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Do you see yourself behind the bar, mingling with Voodoo fans as you pour them some of the finest beer around? Then don’t wait another second.

Complete our Confidential Questionnaire by getting started.

The Education Process

Legends aren’t born…they’re made. If you’re serious about becoming the proprietor of a Voodoo Brewery pub in your city, it’s time to learn more about us..and it’s time for us to get to know you. Here’s what awaits you in your Franchise Education Process:

Initial Call

We learn about your background and what you’re looking for in a franchise. You’ll learn more about our system, industry and what makes us tick.

FDD Review

All the nuts and bolts of the Voodoo Brewery franchise, including guidelines, investment, and detailed performance information.

Market Research

We will look into the viability of your market for Voodoo. You will gain a better understanding of potential businesses
to partner with and the demographics of your market.

President’s Call

A scheduled phone meeting with Voodoo Brewery CEO Matteo Rachocki. This is your big chance to sell your story and abilities to him, as well as ask any final questions you may have.

Peer Review

You talk to our brewpub about owning and operating a Voodoo Brewery location. They ask you questions and give feedback on if you’re Voodoo material.

Approval Day

Come on down to Meadville, PA, and meet the team in person! You’ll get to see the business model in action, kick back a few beers, and take a tour of the compound. (Bring your swimming jeans and flip-flops- we’ve got a creek out back)!

Franchise Awarded!

We walk you through the signing of the Franchise Agreement, and BOOM! You own a brewpub and are about to become a hometown legend.

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