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Here we go- the numbers
We’ll make it quick

It’s worth mentioning that the initial investment for a Voodoo Brewery pub franchise is one quarter of the cost of competitor breweries (and, not to brag, but we don’t see their brews getting recognized by top beer connoisseurs worldwide). Bottom line: you can own a pub that has world-renowned Voodoo Brewery beer on tap for 75% less than a competing brewery franchise.

How Much Will it Cost?

Initial Investment

$358,500 – $659,500

Franchise Fee


Required Net Worth


Required Liquid Capital


*Single Location

How Much Can I Make?

When you’re ready to take a deeper dive and review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) you’ll get to see ALL our numbers, sales figures, and economics from each Voodoo brewpub, but for now, all we can tell you is this:

Average Gross Sales 


Top Pub Gross Sales


*As disclosed in our Item 19 of Voodoo Brewery’s 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document. Your DD (Development Director, not Designated Driver) will be ready and waiting to go over the whole FDD with you once you get the ball rolling and begin our selection process.

A Pub Franchise that Doesn’t
Look like a Franchise

Much like the beer we brew, no two Voodoo Brewery pubs are exactly the same. By choosing buildings that already exist within our locations, we’re making sure we stay true to the unique vibe of each city while keeping buildout costs to a minimum. Here are some specs for a preferred Voodoo Brewery pub footprint:

3,000-7,000 sq ft but 4,000 is the sweet spot.

Locations with existing plumbing & gas hookups are a plus to keep building costs low.

Post-industrial, modern area with lots of foot traffic & strong nightlife.

No strip malls because strip mall bars are lame.

There are no fans like ours.

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