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It’s worth mentioning that the initial financial investment for a Voodoo Brewing Co. pub franchise is one-quarter of the cost of competitor breweries (and, not to brag, but we don’t see their brews getting recognized by top beer connoisseurs worldwide). Bottom line: you can own a pub franchise that has world-renowned Voodoo Brewing Co. craft beer on tap for 75% less than a competing brewery franchise.

How Much
Will it Cost?

Initial Financial Investment


Franchise Fee

single: $75,000

3 pk: $150,000

5 pk: $200,000

Required Net Worth


Required Liquid Capital


Why Voodoo is a Better (and Easier) Financial Investment:

Voodoo Brewing Co - Award SVG


Almost everything you need for your Voodoo brewpub franchise location is included in the initial financial investment.

Voodoo Brewing Co - Stamp SVG


We look for existing connections — gas, plumbing, beer and tap lines, etc. to keep costs as low as possible.

Voodoo Brewing Co - Brew Tank SVG

Minimal Equipment

No deep fryers and no big, expensive restaurant or brewery equipment needed.

Voodoo Brewing Co - Off The Wall SVG

More Accessible

Lower financial requirements than the competition — some brewery franchises require at least $1 million in net worth per location!

Voodoo Brewing Co - Beer God SVG

Make It Your Own

All restaurant/bar franchise concepts look the same; lower investment means brewpub Franchise Owners can invest more money in making their Voodoo truly unique.

Voodoo brewpub franchise is the ideal opportunity for those who are serious about serving great food and great craft beer.
We brew it. You sell it.


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Less equipment, less cost
(And way less hassle).

Starting a restaurant or a brewery always sounds like a fun idea until you realize everything that goes into it.

Average Microbrewery Financial Investment

Standard Brewery Equipment:

Kegs, Kettles, Boilers, Bottle or Canning Lines, Labeling Machines, Fermentation Tanks, Storage Tanks, Malt mills, Mash tuns, Filtration Systems, Brite Tanks, Pumps and Valves, Cellar equipment

    *Source: Incfile

    Average Restaurant Financial Investment:

    Full-Service Restaurant Equipment:

    Commercial ovens, Large Grill, Gas/Electric Range, Large Ventilation Systems, Food Processors, Floor Mixers, Slicers, Prep Counter, Blast Freezers, Refrigeration Systems, Cooking Equipment (pots, pans, etc.), Deep Fryers, Steam Tables

    *Source: Upserve

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