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3 Reasons to Join Voodoo’s
Non-Cookie Cutter Beer Franchise

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Whether you have experiences with franchises or not, here’s one thing we know for certain: they’re not for everyone. Most franchise businesses out there have a reputation for being uptight, strict, or boring and if you’re making the move into franchise ownership, the last thing you want is to feel stuck and restricted. That’s why you want to leave your 9-5, right? Thankfully, the Voodoo Brewing Co. team decided to take a different approach and have been dubbed the “anti-franchise franchise.”

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to join a franchise that helps them open their own bar, without asking them to forsake their happiness or individuality for business ownership. So, even if you don’t think a franchise is for you, we have a few reasons here that might change your mind.

1. The Unparalleled Support & Communication

Becoming part of a massive franchise can feel a lot like being isolated on an island by yourself. You might be able to receive letters in bottles from corporate telling you about the latest update, but you can’t necessarily have your voice heard by anyone there. That sucks and it’s definitely not our vibe.

While Voodoo Brewing took the leap into franchising years ago, we made a promise to never run our brewery franchise like that. So, when you make the decision to open a Voodoo brewpub, you’re choosing to join a tribe of real people who treat you and communicate with you like a real person, and give you all the support you need to never feel like you’re on a deserted island ever again.

The Craft Beer Itself

It might be obvious, but we’re pretty big fans of our craft beer; it’s the passion for brewing that started Voodoo Brewing Co. in the first place. With us, you never need to go through the process of becoming a master brewer yourself, and instead get award-winning craft beer to serve straight from our facility. We brew it, you sell it, and everybody gets to drink delicious beers. It’s a triple win.

With that being said, when you have questions about the brews, want to change up what you have on your taps, or simply can’t get enough of a particular craft beer, all you have to do is shoot us an email or give us a call and we’ll answer your questions or make it happen! That’s not something you can get with your average cookie cutter franchise.

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Marketing Advice

Our Voodoo Brewing franchise support team is made up of brilliant business people who collectively have worked in every facet of the franchising and business worlds. So, we know exactly how to market our Voodoo Brewery franchise locations and how to apply that knowledge to any new location, no matter what part of the country it’s in. Once you become a Franchise Owner, you’ll be given all that info, and then some. Our team will do everything we can to learn what your region loves about craft beer so we can help you launch your initial marketing and hit the ground running.

After you’ve been operating for a while, you might have some questions about marketing come up. Questions like “how the hell do I run a business social media account?” or “how should I be marketing during different seasons?” Since our founding team cares just as much about your success, we’ll make sure you know that we’re just a phone call away the moment you have questions.

Advice on Literally Everything

The advice doesn’t stop at marketing. Our team knows everything about successfully running a bar, so our insights cover everything from putting together opening and closing checklists to getting all your permits and licenses in order. Your initial training with the Voodoo Brewing Co. franchise brand will address everything you need to know to get started, but our team will make sure you have an open line of communication to lean on for the inevitable questions that will pop up as you run your brewpub.

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2. Your Localization Options Are (Almost) Endless

When it comes to brewpubs, no one wants to drink in a space that looks or feels like a replica of every other bar they’ve ever seen, or only carries the same tasteless, pre-made food made in massive chain restaurants. With Voodoo Brewing, our goal is to make sure each bar is as localized to the community and as individualized to the Owner as possible, because that’s what makes having your own bar better than a 9-5. We don’t do stiff, corporate franchising, so make your brewpub a place the people of your community actually want to be!

Customize Your Decor

It goes without saying that the decor and artwork inside a bar can make or break the overall vibe customers feel when they visit you. However, have you ever noticed how most franchise locations look exactly the same? It gets old after the second time seeing it, and suddenly, you don’t care to go there again. At Voodoo brewpub franchise, we don’t do bland decor or hold you to some unnecessary rules about looking just like everyone else.

Instead, you get to customize the look of your bar so you can make it your own and make it look like it actually fits in your neighborhood and not like a corporate truck just unloaded it, pre-made to match “a corporate look.” We’ll give you the support you need to get the ball rolling, but if you decide you want to support local artists or want to emulate things that make your region unique, the decision is yours.

Customize Your Menu

While all Voodoo Brewing craft beer will come from our in-house brewing masterminds, you’ll be the one with boots on the ground, so you’ll get to decide which types of beer you want to carry most. Some regions across the U.S. prefer IPAs, while others prefer pilsners, lagers, or even sours, so the decision will be yours when it comes time to resupply. In addition to this, our agreements allow all our Franchise Owners to feature guest craft beers from local breweries on up to 20% of your taps, as well as a full wine and liquor menu–if they choose–so it’s up to you how extensive or niche your drink menu will be.

And don’t get us started on the food. Prior to opening, you’ll get the opportunity for you or your kitchen manager to sit down and work with our Executive Chef to determine the right pub menu for your area. So, if you live in a community that’s health or sustainability-conscious, you can create a menu that includes lighter fare, vegan and/or gluten-free options, and even sourced from local farms or ranches in your state. At the end of the day, you’ll get final say on the food that comes out of your kitchen.

You Get Your Own Logo & Merch to Sell

One of the first things you’ll get to collaborate on in planning your Voodoo Brewing Co. craft beer franchise will be your logo. Each new location gets its own unique variation of the Voodoo skull design so you can set yourself apart from others and bring a little local flair to your pub. This logo will be used everywhere, from your interior and exterior signage to your social media and even merchandise you can sell to your most loyal patrons alongside your food, drinks, and beer. Thanks to our kick-ass corporate team, it’s up to you how hands-on you can be with this process.

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3. You Get More Involved with Your Community

Have you ever seen a popular franchise open up in your neighborhood and build their brand by deeply connecting with the community and doing more than just serve food or provide a service? Yeah, it’s not as common as it should be. With Voodoo Brewing Co., you’re instead expected to connect with your market to the point that you’ve made yourself a pillar in the community–a pillar that just happens to sell great craft beer. Being the brewpub owner that knows everyone who walks into their bar is a pretty good feeling, but it’s even better when you know you’re giving back to your community by going the extra mile as yourself–and the Voodoo Brewing Co. Owner–whenever you can.

Making Connections with Other Local Businesses

Even before you open your doors or tap your first keg, operating a Voodoo Brewing beer franchise of your own gives you a platform to work from and collaborate with other local business owners. This helps you create a name and reputation for yourself, yes–but it also helps you establish connections with local distillers, other craft breweries, and local wineries to help you build out your bar menu and offer your customers a truly local experience in your brewpub.

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Outside the food and beverage industry connections you’ll make, you also get the chance to commission work from local artists for your decor, invite local musicians, performers, and trivia masters for entertainment options, and then some. If you’re truly committed to making your Voodoo brewpub completely unique to you, your community, and the vibe you want to establish, then the types of local businesses you can work with are pretty much endless.

Getting Involved with Community Events

As fun as building professional relationships with other businesses is, getting connected with community events and other organizations might be just as exciting. These can be everything from charity and nonprofit events you aim to support to local colleges or organizations you want to sponsor through regular and special events. There is such a wide variety of ways to connect with your local community once your Voodoo Brewing beer franchise location is open that it can easily get overwhelming. That’s why our team will take you through how to find marketing events related to craft beer drinkers and how to get involved in opportunities that help your brewpub–and your community–for the better.

So, are you ready to join the anti-franchise franchise and build a business that you’ll actually enjoy, instead of something just as boring as your day job? The team at Voodoo Brewing Co. has been there too, but we know that if dozens of other franchise owners can escape the soul-sucking corporate world, then maybe it’s your turn next! Contact us to start your Discovery Process and learn about all the other reasons you’ll love joining the Voodoo Brewing craft beer franchise.