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What Is The Voodoo Brewing Co.
Brewpub Franchise?

Voodoo Brewing Co. Even the name is mysterious. How did we get it?
We’ll never tell.

What we will say is that we’re a band of brothers (and sisters, and brothers-from-another-mother) united by a common, glorious purpose: to bring our bold, innovative world-class craft beers and eclectic, locally-curated pub food menu to fans everywhere.


Our love for the beer that we brew, our commitment to quality ingredients, and our attention to detail is evident in every sip. Our Brew Master, Curt Rachocki, and Production Brewer Shawn Strickland produce all of our world-renowned craft beer!

We’re also super stoked to launch our new Mixology and Seltzer program with Pete Gaeth, giving customers more options and keeping up with consumer trends.

How dope would it be to sell this liquid gold to your community?

Want to know if you can?

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The Epic Origins of the Voodoo Brewing Co. Brewery Franchise


Master brewer Curt Rachocki is brewing privately, looking for opportunities to sell his craft beer while his brother Matteo helps him explore the business end of things from New York.


Curt Rachocki tells Matteo about Voodoo Brewery, a local Meadville, PA brewery, and the brothers, along with friends and family as investors, buy it. They work 16-hour days, 7 days a week, to make it their own. 


After clearing out their last $76 from the bank to use as change for the cash register, Matteo, Curt, and the rest of the crew open the first Voodoo Brewery pub to incredible local support and excitement. 


U.S. Army veteran Jake Voelker returns to civilian life and sees Voodoo Brewery as the perfect opportunity to invest in something he loves: making great craft beer. He came on to the team full-time and currently is the President of our brewpub franchise group.


After 7 smash-hit pub openings, including their first pub franchise location in Cleveland, OH, Voodoo Brewing Co. decides it’s ready to take its badass brewpub franchise concept to cities across America.


Matteo only had $76 left in his bank account on opening day.

Find out what happened next in the video below:

Everyone is Different.
We’re Outstanding.

We’ve never claimed to be like all the other craft breweries and pubs out there — we think that marching to the beat of our own drum is one of our greatest strengths, and we’re not going to change anytime soon. 

So, what makes our brewery franchise so different from the rest?

Quality. Quality. Quality.

We can’t emphasize this enough. For us “it’s all about the liquid”. We strive to bring the highest quality product made with the best ingredients we can get our hands on.

Pub Food to the Extreme

Not your typical bar food. We pride ourselves on cultivating an easy-to-execute, locally-sourced brewpub menu that combines classic pub favorites with new creative ingredients.

The Voodoo Aesthetic

Each Voodoo pub franchise location is bursting with its own distinctive personality. At Voodoo, we believe in a hands-on approach in creating each unique brewpub.

We’ve Got Clout

Voodoo has built a global following of fans who can’t get enough of the craft beer we produce, the food we make, and the good vibes we exude.

How does the Voodoo Brew Crew support its Franchise Owners?

End the grind. Invest in greatness.

The world’s best craft beer franchise is
sold out

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