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Fall is one of our favorite times of year here at Voodoo Brewery, a time when we all come together, be it watching football, sitting around the table at Thanksgiving, or just having a beer with friends. Now obviously this year is a bit different than normal, but we still wanted to bring our community together, even if it was socially distanced with masks on. So, we decided to host a Harvest Market for our local community in Meadville, Pennsylvania, drawing crowds from all over the area and gaining exposure for local businesses and vendors. A recent article from the Meadville Tribune highlighted the action and what it represented for our craft beer franchise.

The market was aimed at representing everything that Voodoo is as a brand, on a bigger scale. While our breweries serve to promote our beer and food, our main goal is to bring people together for a good time, as we did at the Harvest Market. At the same time, the market was intended to give vendors who normally rely on several events and conventions during the year a chance to make up some of the profits lost due to COVID-19. The event did just that, and more!

Throughout the weekend there was a steady flow of customers, with many of the vendors sold out by Sunday evening. “Within the first 20 minutes, we were happy that we were here,” remarked vendor and artist “Eerie” Eric Fargiorgio. “Yesterday, we sold half of everything we brought down!” Eric, like many of his fellow vendors, usually relies on events and festivals throughout the year to promote his craft and make a living. Unfortunately, during 2020 he has only been able to attend two. We were happy to add one more to the list for him!

Aside from helping out the local community, the Harvest Market was a great promotional tool for our Craft Beer Franchise Owners. Through samples and beer and food sales, we were able to show customers just how bitchin’ our craft beer is and invite them to stop by one of our variety of locations, the newest of which just opened up in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. The venue for the market itself, our Compound in Meadville, was a testament to just how unique each one of our breweries is and truly showed everyone what we’re all about. Furthermore, the market emphasized that our Franchise Owners are more than just entrepreneurs. They’re leaders in the community and truly bring people together!

So you might be wondering, what’s it like as a Voodoo Craft Beer Franchise Owner? Well, we like to think that our Franchise Owners have one of the best jobs out there, and they get to enjoy a bunch of benefits that a boring corporate career just can’t offer. For starters, our Franchise Owners have the potential to realize tremendous growth and profitability. In 2019, our Franchise Owners saw average gross sales of $586,202*, with our top pub grossing $1,143,971.* With only $150,000 in liquid capital required, and investment starting at $358,500, you can see the potential for a quick return on investment.

It’s about more than just the profits though… as a Voodoo Craft Beer Franchise Owner you get to be your own boss and do things your way! In other words, you get to set your own schedule and work when you want to. This means spending more time with the fam and taking that trip you’ve always been wanting to take. Better yet, we do all the “heavy lifting” for you, meaning we do all the brewing, while you have the fun! If you hit any bumps in the road, our badass corporate support team has your back, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes training new employees, pushing marketing efforts, or just having someone to drink a beer with!

Best of all though, owning a Voodoo Brewery is freakin’ fun! There’s no corporate B.S. here at Voodoo. You do things your way, on your clock, and you get to sell kick-ass beer and dank food to some cool people in your local community! Furthermore, you’re surrounded by people that love beer as much as you and are genuinely fun to hang out with. We don’t live by lame corporate rules, but you get to enjoy the security that comes with being part of a larger organization.

So now that you can see that owning a Voodoo is pretty rad, what’re you waiting for? Check out our badass business model and become a badass entrepreneur today! Visit our franchising site to get started.

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*Numbers obtained from 2020 FDD Document

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