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What’s the Difference Between Craft Beer and Regular Beer? 

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When you’re at the liquor store or supermarket and shopping for a beer to bring home, what kind of beer do you usually go for? Does the design of the bottles pull you in? Or maybe it’s the alcohol content or the style of beer? No matter what you look for as a consumer, your options usually boil down to two types: craft beer and regular beer. 

Which one will you choose?

The difference between craft beer and regular beer typically narrows down to the origin of where the beer is made and produced. However, there’s a lot more to the beer than that. From taste to the personal touch, both beers are made differently and have a distinguished taste.

Whether you’re looking to open a craft beer franchise or just grab some beer after work with a flavorful taste, you’ll want to pay attention to the subtle (and not-so-subtle) differences that make a beer a craft beer.

Production rate

Historically, craft beer is made on a smaller scale than regular beer. Craft beer is commonly made at local breweries and is sold and distributed throughout the neighboring cities or states. Since the focus is usually smaller batches, brewers can put more time and effort into crafting a bold, enjoyable taste and unique appearance. In 2020, there were reportedly 8,764 breweries throughout the United States. 

Fun Fact: Out of those 8,764 breweries, Voodoo Brewing Co. is named one of the top 50 breweries… IN THE WORLD! As if that isn’t enough, we’re the only craft brewery on that list to offer craft beer franchise opportunities in the U.S.

Regular beer is commonly made to be mass-produced. This means it is usually made with cheaper ingredients to ensure they can keep the overhead costs low. Regular beers can be found in almost any liquor store or grocery store throughout the country. 

However, just because craft beer is made on a smaller scale, doesn’t mean it’s any less popular! In fact, in 2020 3.3 million barrels of craft beer were produced by breweries in the United States.


The flavor of craft beer is undeniably richer than your everyday regular beer. Since breweries aren’t having to mass-produce their creations, they can put a lot more effort into the recipe, and the taste of the beer is more “crafted” than regular beers.

Domestic, mass-produced beers are often known for having a watered-down taste. If you’re a true beer lover, this taste doesn’t exactly hit the spot. That’s why regular beer is often served chilled, to help heighten the light, crisp taste and make it more enjoyable.

Craft beer doesn’t need to be served this cold. In fact, it is usually served around 50 degrees Fahrenheit to help you experience the full, flavorful taste and heighten the flavor to its max capacity.

craft beer franchise post-COVID

Business structure

When you go to your local brewery to have a drink, you’re able to have a connection with the brewer behind the taste that you love. The business structure of craft beer is a lot more focused on the individuals crafting your beer. Every beer flavor is designed and prepared with a personal touch! It’s about more than just producing for profit. When it comes to a craft beer franchise, you’re able to dial in the flavor you’re looking for, and provide a flavorful beer for individuals to enjoy.


The regular beer looks like… well, regular beer! It commonly has a watery, yellow color and doesn’t have much of a head. These beers are often light-bodied and lighter to drink. 

Craft beer has a lot more personality. It comes in different colors and styles. From stouts to IPAs, each craft beer has a different color and look. They commonly have a full-formed head, bolder taste, and are designed for the beer lover.

Alcohol percentage

Regular beer is anywhere from 3-5% alcohol content. Craft beer commonly has a more daring taste and is higher in alcohol percentage. It’s usually somewhere around 7%-9%. However, the world’s strongest beer sits at about 67.5% ABV! 

No need to worry if you’re a fan of the lighter-tasting beers. Craft beer and craft beer franchises often provide an option that has a lower alcohol content, such as a blonde or golden ale.

The brewpub experience

There is something great about going to your favorite craft brewpub after work, ordering an appetizer, and drinking a delicious craft beer. Craft beer provides more than just flavor and artistry, it provides an experience. People get to come together with the ones they love, sit back, relax and enjoy a carefully crafted beer. Better yet, you can order a flight and taste samples to indulge in the full craft beer experience. 

Of course, you can enjoy your favorite regular beer at home on the couch. Except sometimes it’s nice to not just drink beer but to experience it as well.

Wrapping up: Craft beer vs regular beer

So, which one is better?

That depends on the individual! However, craft beer is undeniably richer in taste, appearance, and alcohol percentage. When you drink craft beer, you’re experiencing the taste that a craft beer franchise or local brewery made with you in mind.

There is an endless amount of opportunity when it comes to the craft beer industry. In fact, the industry is expected to grow to 190.66 billion by the end of 2027. 

When it comes to craft beer, the brewers of Voodoo Brewing Co. know what they’re doing and are always looking for passionate, beer-loving individuals to join! 

We have been crafting premium-quality beer that has been stealing the hearts of craft beer lovers everywhere. We are not only a great craft beer franchise, we’re award-winning and known as one of the best craft beers on the market.

If you’re a badass entrepreneur who loves and appreciates the value of craft beer, you can inquire about our craft beer franchise options today.

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