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More Than Just (The World’s Best) Beer- Take a Look at Our Eclectic Chef-Inspired Menu

At Voodoo Brewing Company, we do more than just serve world-class award-winning beer, we also serve an eclectic and dank pub-style menu. These menus are designed and imagined by our Executive Chef Nate Cillo with your community in mind. He incorporates local ingredients and Voodoo beer into as many familiar pub offerings as possible. He works with you to create new twists on classics, such as the tenderloin crostinis and deep-fried pickles made with good vibes beer batter that are available exclusively at our Erie, PA brewpub location. 

Voodoo brewpubs double as a casual-dining restaurant where patrons order and pick up food from a counter modeled after the widely successful European beer halls. This allows our Franchise Owners to operate with a lean staff of about 6 employees, which means you’ll maximize your return on investment more quickly. Maximize your revenue by serving dank and one-of-a-kind food options alongside some of the world’s greatest beer! This ain’t your run-of-the-mill bar food, people, these are eclectic, curated selections from the one and only Nate Cillo. 

Check out this video below to capture some of Nate’s passion and creativity in designing menus that are easy to execute and complement the flavors of your city.

At Voodoo, we are all about simplicity. We want to keep our customers happy and have fun. That’s it. Everything else is based on that ethos. Great beer and good times. While representing your community and providing a fun and comfortable atmosphere where people can simply hang out. 

That’s why we create our brewpub menus with the same ethos in mind: incorporate our world-class beer as much as possible and keep it simple. Our menus are designed with you in mind, we make sure that you will be able to execute these menu items flawlessly, time and again. 

Just as we take the heavy lifting out of brewing our award-winning beer for you, Nate sets up the menu with very little overhead and headaches. Simple, yet eclectic and delicious gastropub-style food that is easy to prepare and execute? Sounds like a fast track to more revenue and more fun!  

Here are some really exciting things you should know about our food at Voodoo Brewing Co.:


Each Voodoo menu is different with local fan-favorites and curated options for your community

After you work through the Discovery process of earning your Voodoo Brewing company, and you’re on your way to opening your new Voodoo location, Nate comes in and discusses what type of menu would be best for your location. He takes many factors into consideration such as the local favorites, fresh seasonal items, and the size of your kitchen. No matter what, Nate always makes sure that your menu represents your community and that you will always be able to execute it flawlessly. Enjoy specialty local dishes available only to your location! 

Nate tests the menu items himself before introducing them to your menu and says his favorite part is “incorporating the beer into the food items”. Needless to say, every item crafted at Voodoo Brewing Co. is made with love and a ton of care. We’re proud of every item we serve from the liquid to the food and we want to make sure that’s represented in everything we do.

craft brewery franchise with food
Lean, Mean, Voodoo Machine 

Here at Voodoo Brewing Co., we’re all about thinking outside of the box. We don’t want to do things the “normal” way. With our lean employee structure, we create both a tight-knit and effective workforce environment. 

Our culture is about fun and great hospitality, and your employees will enjoy working in a place where both the food and drinks are top-notch and award-winning. Our European beer hall-style service frees up your team to interact with the customers and keep satisfaction at an all-time high. 

Also, you won’t have to worry as much about the nationwide service industry staffing shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic because you’ll need fewer employees to operate successfully. It’s a win/win for everyone. Keep your doors open and profits high with an easy-to-operate, yet effective, style of service. See? Everyone’s happy. 

The ‘Foodoo’ Truck 

Now we wanna put a disclaimer out there that the Foodoo Truck is currently only available at our OG Meadville, PA location. BUT… this is an example that the possibilities at Voodoo Brewing Company are endless. The sky is truly the limit, and if you can dream it – we are here to help facilitate it. 

Our Foodoo Truck is part of a coalition to bring more community-focused events and spread brand awareness for the entire Voodoo Brewing brand. And though this Foodoo truck only currently operates near our HQ, this is another reason why Voodoo Brewing stands apart from the rest. We are constantly innovating and working on growing our brand globally. 

After all, this is how we grew our name to be what it is, by attending beer and food festivals and hosting community events. We’re proud of the liquid and food we serve and believe that everyone should get to enjoy Voodoo products in their community.

Our Dank + Eclectic, Yet Familiar, Food 

Our mouth is watering just thinking about some of the dank selections available at Voodoo brewpubs. There’s just something about bar food that complements so perfectly, and when it’s done this well, that’s certainly something to write home about. Seriously, you won’t be able to stop talking about how great the food AND beer are. 

Here are some of our favorite examples of awesome menu items available at various Voodoo locations:

Meadville Beer Mussels: Available in 1 or 3 lbs, and 3 types, black pepper and garlic with Killapilz, chorizo and lime with good vibes, and blue cheese & bacon with Wynona’s Big Brown Ale

New Ken Chili Nachos: Tortilla chips smothered in house-made chili topped with shredded cheddar cheese, black olives, jalapeno peppers, and drizzled with a lime creme garnished with cilantro

Homestead’s Pastrami Rueben: Housemade bacon and beer-braised kraut. Pastrami, swiss cheese, and housemade Thousand Island dressing, served on rye

Voodoo craft brewery franchise is fun!

As you can see, Nate spares no end when it comes to creatively designing a menu that works for your space and your community. Using fresh ingredients and making as many items in-house as possible, while also taking the heavy lifting out of preparation and execution. These items are simple to prepare and keep your customers coming back with delicious fan favorites. 

For more inspiration on menu items check out our full list of locations and see that the menus are varied by your community’s needs and your space. Check out the Voodoo Brewing Company menus here. 

If this sounds like the Franchise Opportunity for you, it just might be! Check out our ethos and mission for Voodoo Brewing Co. What are you waiting for? This might just be the opportunity that changes your life. Fill out a Discovery Questionnaire here if you believe you’ll be a great fit to Voodoo, want to make profits, have a ton of fun, oh and aren’t a total a***hole. 

We treat our Franchise Owners like family here at Voodoo Brewing Company, and we hope to see you around the table sometime soon. Cheers!

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