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Meet the Team at the Houston, PA
Voodoo Brewing Co. Franchise Location!

new voodoo brewing co franchise owners Nathan & Aubrey McCutcheon, Jason & Joanna Joseph
We have something great to share with you: we got not only two but four new members of the Voodoo Brewing Co. family! Meet Nathan and Aubrey McCutcheon. They just opened up a new Voodoo Brewing franchise location in Houston, Pennsylvania, with their good friends Jason and Joanna Joseph.

Voodoo craft brewing has a team-first mentality, and they are living proof that beer is better with friends.

Let’s meet the new team!

Hard work pays off

Nathan felt like he’s always understood the hard work and dedication needed to own a business. Growing up, his family had a family-owned business and took on the hard work mentality at an early age. “After college, I took on a few jobs before settling back into the family business of waste management solutions. I have worked through almost every aspect of the company, washing trucks, driving trucks, working in the field, inventory management, assets and mergers, and Vice President to name a few.”

Nathan has always considered himself an entrepreneur. Even though he never owned the family business, it was an integrated part of his experience that has pushed him and his wife to pursue their passion of owning a franchise. “We were looking for something different, outside of that business that was ours. Partnering with amazing people (Jason and Joanna) also made us want to do it even more.”

Four is better than one

With his experience and the support of Aubrey, Jason, and Joanna: we knew that these four would do great things with Voodoo. What sets these four apart from others is how much they feed off of the energy of others. When we asked them what makes them think they’ll be successful with Voodoo, they shared. “People, People, People! Every great organization can only get so far on the greatness of one person but can move mountains with a great team. With great attitude comes great success, and that is what we are looking for in our team members, and that’s what we found in Voodoo!”

They all live out the Voodoo name. Partnering with their close friends to turn their passions into a reality that they can share with others. 

Discovering the Voodoo business model 

We sat down with Nathan and his partners about how they first discovered Voodoo Brewing. He shared with us, “We were looking for different business ideas on BizBuySell, and Voodoo Brewing Company came up as looking for Franchisees. We had Voodoo beer in the past but didn’t know about the brewpubs.” 

There were reasons they believed Voodoo brewing was a good choice for them. One of the biggest reasons was the Voodoo business model. “I like the fact that they help us through every aspect of the operation to make sure that we are doing it right. At the end of the day, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. They are true partners in the process.”

new voodoo brewing co franchise owners Nathan & Aubrey McCutcheon, Jason & Joanna Joseph

Meeting the Voodoo corporate team

We had the opportunity to meet Nathan and his partners in person at our Discovery Day. We knew right off the bat that they were a good fit for Voodoo, and they shared the same sentiment. Nathan told us meeting the corporate team, “…was really the biggest reason why we decided to team with Voodoo. We meshed very well from the first conversation to our time on D-Day. After meeting Matteo and Jake, we said to each other, “These are the people we want to be associated with.”

Their advice to future franchise owners

Considering becoming a franchise owner? Here’s their advice. 

“To do this right, it takes time. I thought at the beginning that I could get open quickly and rush to open, but you can’t. Even owning the building prior took time. Be patient as it will be worth it in the long term. All in all, Take the Dive! Join the Family, our Voodoo Family. At least that’s how I see it, a family.”

Now it’s your turn!

If you’re looking for a sign to start your own franchise, let Nathan, Aubrey, Jason, and Joanna be the ones that help make the decision easier! We can’t wait to see what these four accomplish together. They are a force to be reckoned with, and we know that they will leave their mark on the community of Houston, Pennsylvania. 

When you join Voodoo Brewing Co, you’re doing more than just owning your own franchise. You’re joining a community of individuals with the same passion and drive as you! You can rest assured knowing that you always have the corporate Voodoo team to lean on with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the process. 

Ready to take the next step in owning your own craft beer franchise? Request more information today to learn more if you’re ready to start looking into a beer franchise for sale.

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