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Get to Know Our Newest Craft Beer Franchise Owners, Virgil and Jennifer Matos!

1. What is your personal/professional background?

I (Virgil) just retired from 22 years as a Federal Agent for the Department of Homeland Security, and now I’m coaching high school baseball. My wife, Jennifer, had worked for several different restaurants as a server throughout the years and was a claims adjuster for an insurance company before we started a family. Once the kids came, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom.

2. What are your personal hobbies or interests?

We are both very active volunteers in our community, serving in the local elementary schools and little league programs. I (Virgil) love all things sports-related and play ice hockey for two local adult league teams.


3. How did you first learn about the Voodoo Brewery franchise?

We first learned about Voodoo when we were looking for different franchising opportunities. Although, we didn’t know there was a difference between Voodoo Brewing Co. and the Voodoo Ranger craft beer products.

4. Why is Voodoo Brewing Co. the right fit for you?

We fell in love with the culture that Voodoo Brewpub has created and how they are community oriented. We also like that it’s inclusive for all ages so that families will feel welcome.


5. What did you like about Voodoo’s franchise business model?

The support and sense of community within the franchisees and the weekly check-in calls—the freedom to shape our Voodoo Brew Pub to fit our community and support our local community by sourcing locally.

6. What did you like about meeting Voodoo’s corporate team?

The team at Voodoo Brewing Franchise was very welcoming and relaxed. They made you feel at ease, and they explained everything in detail. No one was anything like we expected; honestly, they were down-to-earth and very open.

Virgil and Jennifer Matos: Voodoo Brewing Co. Franchise Owners - 3

7. What did you like about Voodoo Discovery Day?

Discovery day was exciting! It was great getting to sample the food and craft beer and to see it in real-time, not just have someone explain how it works. The best part was after the “formal presentation.” It was great just getting to know everyone in a not-so-formal setting.

8. What was the “a-ha” or “lightbulb” moment that made you want to franchise with Voodoo Brewing Co.?

In complete honesty, I think it was just a pipe dream at first. Then we went to the funeral of a friend who passed away unexpectedly. It made us realize that life is short, and we didn’t want to regret not trying to make a Voodoo brewpub work for us.

9. Why did you want to become an entrepreneur?

We never really thought about becoming entrepreneurs exactly. However, Jennifer has always had small multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses on the side of running the household to help her with her creative outlet. She’s always had the urge to start something new to help support the family.

10. What do you think will make you successful?

After 25 years of marriage, we learned that we could be successful at anything as long as we communicated and worked as a team. We plan to bring that into our lives with our Voodoo Brewing Co. Franchise.

11. What sets Voodoo Craft Brewery apart, in your eyes, from other franchise opportunities in the restaurant/hospitality Industry?

Voodoo’s Franchise Owner support and the freedom to connect each individual location to its specific community was a huge draw. The enthusiasm that the Voodoo Brewing Co. team brings is contagious!

12. What has been the best part of your experience with the Voodoo Brewing Co. corporate team so far?

Definitely Discovery Day, and having the time after the scheduled session to hang out and get to know everyone.

13. What advice would you give to a potential Franchise Owner?

To put a lot of thought into it, take the time to research everything you can about the company and concept and if you’re comfortable, jump in and take the chance. Everything in life comes with a risk; trust the process.

14. What do you look forward to most about owning your own Voodoo brewpub?

We look forward to sharing Voodoo and the culture with our family, friends, and neighborhood. We want it to be a place where everyone can come together, feel welcome, and relax for a bit—who knows, maybe make a new friend.

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