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Craft Beer versus Mass Produced Beer: Why Craft is better for Customers and Owners

If you didn’t know: There are some significant differences between craft beer and mass-produced beer. If you can’t tell right off the bat from the taste and color: you should also know why craft is better for customers and owners.

Craft Beer Franchise owner versus regular row of beers

So, Craft Beer Better?

Yes, in almost every way. (and we aren’t just saying that because we brew craft beer) Craft beer is craft for a reason: It takes years to perfect the taste, find the right ingredients, and deliver a high-quality experience every time. Craft beer isn’t mass-produced because if it was, it would lower the value of the beer. 

Here are just a few distinct differences:

Higher Quality Ingredients

Typically, beer only contains four ingredients. These ingredients include grains, hops, yeast, and water. There’s really not much to it! However, mass-produced beer doesn’t use the best of the best. They use the cheapest ingredients they can get their hands on. (because it’s mass-produced!) Local breweries usually invest in higher-quality ingredients that are organic or locally sourced. 

You may be wondering: does this mean craft beer is healthier, right? Well… not exactly: but we like where your heads are at!

Memorable Taste 

The craft beer taste is rich, distinct, and bold. The minute a customer gets their hands on a craft beer they love, they always come back for more. They stop by their favorite brewery for a six-pack before the weekend or happy hour during the workweek. They know what they’re getting every time and look forward to the memorable taste, the memories they make, and how great they feel after the first sip.

Support Local Business 

Every time a consumer buys craft beer over mass-produced, they’re doing more than just contributing to the beer industry. They are supporting a local business and a member of their community. (How cool is that?)

Voodoo beer franchise

Okay, So Why is Craft Better For Owners?

We never thought you’d ask! 


Creates an Experience 

We all know craft beer is about more than just craft beer. It’s about the food pairings, the laughs you share, and the brewery you go to. There is nothing like experiencing a crisp craft beer after work with friends, family, or coworkers. As an owner of a crafter beer franchise, you’ll be able to provide this experience and give them a little slice of happiness. (In the form of a beer!)

Increase Brand Visibility 

When you get your hands on a craft beer you enjoy, you remember the bottle art, the company, the logo, and everything in-between. It’s about more than just the great taste, it’s about the experience that beer provides. 

When a customer falls in love with a craft beer, they fall in love with the brand behind the beer. They want to wear the t-shirt to match, get their hands on a branded koozie, and show their appreciation for your brand and beer. This will increase brand visibility and help get your beer in the hands of their friends, coworkers, and the people that see them in the store with your t-shirt on.

Craft Beer Franchise Opportunities 

If you like craft beer as much as we do, you may have considered starting your own craft beer franchise. However, it takes years to master the art of craft beer, and as a franchise owner, you shouldn’t need to worry about crafting a memorable taste for your community. (it would take the fun out of starting your own franchise!)

Voodoo Brew Master Skeleton PNG

Meet Our Brew Master: Curt Rachocki* 

Curt Rachocki and his brewing support team spent countless hours conquering the art of craft beer. They mastered the brewing process and took the time to find the best hops in the world. 

The best part is That with Voodoo you get the same delicious taste every time. Our attention to detail is second to none. So all of our IPAs, lagers and other Voodoo standard styles that arrive on your brew pub’s doorstep will always have the high-quality taste as the beers that we pour in our own locations.

* He likes to keep a low profile

Investing in a Voodoo Brewing Franchise

Voodoo Brewing Co. is more than just a craft brewery business for sale. We are a franchise community devoted to creating the best quality experience for franchise owners and their customers. 

That’s why we handle the entire brewing process for owners, so they can focus on running the business and making money. You’ll be the hometown hero who brings some of the most reputable beers to your city, all without brewing a single keg yourself.

Let us take care of the beer, and you handle the business. You’ll get all of the credit and be a Local Beer God whose main job is to create the best possible experience, make customers happy, and give them the beer they want. 


What more could you want out of a career? Request more information today to learn more about beer franchise opportunities with Voodoo.

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