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Owning a pub or a beer franchise may sound like a perfect idea for a startup, but it is not all fun and games. There’s a lot of hard work involved behind the scenes, from excellent planning to finding the best location, developing a powerful concept, and working long hours to make it a profitable business. 

Needless to say, a failed job at any of these steps leads can turn your startup into a disaster. Craft brewing has grown exponentially as an industry since 2012 and experienced a 4% rise in growth in 2019. US citizens are the primary consumers of craft beer and consume 58.4% of the world’s craft beer. 

Americans have a significant share (24.2%) in the beer market. They spent $27.6 billion in 2018 on craft beer which was 7% higher than 2017. That’s a lot of craft beer.

Launching a Beer Franchise with Voodoo Brewery

As much as the craft beer industry is growing, to start from scratch is a considerable struggle when it involves decisions regarding the food and drinks you’ll serve, your location, and additional amenities you’ll offer.

That’s where you need a beer franchise like Voodoo. The Voodoo crew is here to share the burden and flourish your business idea with our proven, frankly badass beer franchise model. If you already own a bar, franchising with Voodoo can breathe new life into your existing space, setting you apart from the local competition and bringing in a whole new crop of craft beer lovers who can’t wait to try Voodoo on tap.

Not a bar owner but always dreamed of being one? Great news for you- unlike other beer franchise brands out there, Voodoo is all about making every location as unique as the Owners themselves. We use second-generation real estate as our preferred site for a new location, keeping your new Voodoo brewpub consistent with existing local architecture…and lowering overhead costs for you! 

Voodoo Brewery: A Background

Voodoo is a Meadville, PA-based beer franchise that first launched in 2005. Since opening the doors of our first location, we’ve managed to achieve a Thrillist award for a new brewery, Best Stout in Pennsylvania, Best Food Truck, The Best Brewery in Town, Best Winter Beer in 2015, Top Beers of the Year, Best Locally made Beer, and the list goes on. 

We have also been one of the top 50 IPAS in the country and runner-up in Pittsburgh contest’s best burgers. We know what we’re doing! 

After much success perfecting our business model in 7 locations, we are now franchising the Voodoo concept all over America! Since we’re pretty well-known among the craft beer set, you can imagine the excitement this has kicked off- we’ve already sold out Vegas, so there’s no telling what’s next!


Meet the Voodoo Beer Franchise SQUAD

Matteo Rachocki, the Voodoo Brewery CEO, has been the backbone of the business since back in the day. He manages the social media, updates the artwork, and handles everything related to patenting the package designs. 

Jake Voelker, the president, takes care of all of our licensing, and our elusive Brew Master Curt Rachocki is the head brewer and head of barrel aging. We are a team of highly passionate and collaborative people and very open to your uniqueness and creative ideas.

If you own a pub that needs to be upgraded or know any location to turn into a great bar with quality craft beer, Voodoo can be a fantastic place to get your jump-start. We have shared growth with numerous Franchise Owners, and you are more than welcome if you’re ready to grow.

Voodoo craft brewery franchise is fun!

A Voodoo Success Story During a Pandemic

Shane Caylor had been the owner of the downtown Indiana college bar since 1999. The bar had the late 1990s look with which they were going with low pricing and high volume, and COVID-19 restrictions made it harder to keep it operational. 

He wanted to give it a new and modern look. To accomplish this, he chose Voodoo to do the task. Voodoo gave it a quirky look with mixed drinks in the bar and a revolutionary menu of burgers, pizza, and wings created by Voodoo’s chief executive chef. 

All safety precautions are considered, and guests are consistently lined up to place and pick up orders. All guests are notified about the order on their cellphones with a text when ready, which is incredibly convenient for both staff and customers. 

The dining area is spaced in such a way as to maintain social distancing yet keeping their party within their safety bubble. The pub seats about 150 people even after the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. 

Do not let COVID-19 keep you from fulfilling your dreams. You can still pursue opening your own brewery, even amid a pandemic. Voodoo can help you.

Choosing to Franchise with Voodoo

By franchising with Voodoo, you can turn your bar into a local attraction. We encourage our Franchise Owners to add personal flair to the place according to their taste and local craft. Establishing connections within the local community is crucial, and local musicians have space to perform, allowing regional commerce to occur.

To keep each city’s unique vibe alive, we turn existing buildings that were previously empty or failed establishments into a Voodoo pub. This approach keeps the buildout cost to a minimum but also fits in with the local architecture. 

As any devoted Voodoo fan can tell you, our good vibes go way beyond beer- opening one of our brewpubs has been known to revitalize entire neighborhoods! Just ask Voodoo beer Franchise Owner Mike Malcanas of downtown New Kensington, PA. 

Some years ago, Mike purchased more than a dozen houses, mainly along Fifth Avenue, to convert them into usable business space. One of them was a 1920s-era theater, which he bought in 2017; that’s where Voodoo Brewery opened and proved to be a catalyst for making it popular and keeping its cool, arty spirit alive. To Mike’s surprise, reshaping New Kensington was a swift process with massive support from the locals.

Let Us Take Care of the Beer

One of the perks of choosing Voodoo is that the Franchise Owners do not have to brew the beer. You can leave it to us and trust that we are masters of our craft. We have a team working diligently to produce the finest beer and know the best brewing techniques, including concocting the finest ingredients and aging the liquid. 

So, without brewing a single beer by yourself, you can own the best brewpub by selling it to your community and earning major street cred in your hometown. Your food menu is locally-sourced and inventive, which makes it easy for kitchen staff to execute. 

You’ll save yourself from taking the risk that comes with launching a new business and the exhausting endeavor of engaging in conversation with distributors or thinking up the effectual marketing and promotional strategies. Our award-winning beer will take care of that.

Learning How to Run a Pub

To run a pub, we give you classroom training and on-the-job practice, making you efficient at your new undertaking. Our executive chef will make a mouthwatering localized menu for your pub. We will help you drive revenue and create buzz for your business by arranging pub events and promotions. 

Voodoo is fully supportive and intends to fill your pub with new customers, who will undoubtedly become brand loyalists. We are going to assist you in making your business profitable through our financial coaching process as well. 

Voodoo is 100% right for you if you are looking for a beer franchise business with an excellent profitability potential. Suppose you want to incorporate your creativity and uniqueness into the business, love the beer, and want to be a legend in your hometown by providing the best beer franchise with an incredible atmosphere to your local community. In that case, Voodoo is waiting to work with you.

Just Say No to Corporate Life

If you feel drained by corporate rules but want to get into a safety net by associating with a large organization, Voodoo got you covered as we don’t live by corporate world rules. Although we call ourselves a beer franchise, we are the most anti-franchise franchise ever, keeping it closest to consumers. 

We have tight operational guidelines that let you operate on a lean staff of six or fewer people, leaving you with little hustle and more profit. You can be a Franchise Owner by investing the ¼ of the cost you would spend on other competitor franchise concepts.

With the rise in the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses were shut down. These consisted of primarily retail stores and restaurants, which now have the potential to turn a significant profit by partnering with the Voodoo Brewing Co. beer franchise. 

Voodoo makes it easier and affordable to lease or purchase commercial real estate with fantastic potential in a high-demand market, which may have been almost impossible otherwise. We give you a prime opportunity to turn this chaotic time into an entrepreneurial triumph.

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Move Forward in 2021- Open a Beer Franchise With Voodoo!

Even the pandemic could not stop the Voodoo beer franchise, as we recently launched an outdoor space for our dedicated patrons with socially distanced seating for almost 35 dining parties and a live music band to perform. Our other Voodoo locations were re-opened during the pandemic, featuring to-go beer, food, and merchandise purchases. Now that the vaccine is here and experts are predicting a return to summer fun, 2021 is shaping up to be a great year to own your hometown’s favorite gathering spot.

Voodoo is all about anti-corporate and pro-fun collaborations. If you are passionate about serving the best beer and great food while making a substantial amount of money, we want to collaborate with you today! 

We are looking for driven individuals that are ready to take the next step toward achieving their dreams and changing their futures. There is no better time than now, and the team at Voodoo cannot wait to get you started. 

Please visit our website for more info. We look forward to working with you!

*Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD

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