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It’s the Summer of Voodoo: Why We’re Looking Forward to Patio Season

We used to think there was nothing better than kicking back with an ice-cold beer on an amazing patio of our favorite pub franchise. Turns out there is something better- enjoying a beer at our favorite pub franchise with friends and family we haven’t gotten to see all year long! 

We’re gearing up for the Summer of Voodoo. Patio season is OUR season- and, if you’ve got what it takes to become a member of our tight-knit pub franchise crew,  it can be yours too! 

We’re BACK, Baby!

Consider how great summer patio season can be for boosting neighborhood morale and having a fun place to hang out during the evenings and weekends. Especially now, when it’s finally getting back to “normal” again. Imagine being the hero who provides your community with the ultimate summer gathering place, in a year when gathering has never been more important. For our Franchise Owners, this is their reality!

Being a Franchise Owner with Voodoo Brewing Co. not only sets you up for great times as a proprietor of a popular brewpub. It also gives you excellent potential for profitability. 

Fun fact: we have a lower ROI percentage than any of our competitors’  pub franchise opportunities.** How do we do it? By keeping operations simple and reducing the need for more staff than is necessary, which lowers your operational overhead significantly. 

Voodoo Brewery Franchise

We are all about inclusivity at Voodoo and we love bringing on new members of the tribe. Each time we award a new pub franchise, another passionate beer lover gets to become a business owner – without ever having to brew their own beer. We provide everything you need to get started with your own Voodoo brewpub, including chef-inspired menu items, localized merchandise, and of course – award-winning beer delivered straight to you! 

Here at Voodoo Brewing Co., we cannot wait for summer patio season and letting the good times roll once again. It sure feels good to be back – this summer is going to be OUR summer. Without further ado…

Here are 6 Reasons we are Stoked for the Summer of Voodoo (and Why Patio Season ROCKS at Voodoo Brewing Co.):

#1: People are SUPER excited to be able to get out of the house after a year-plus in quarantine

Maybe you’ve felt the itch too, or noticed it now that things are opening back up to full capacity: people are dining out! And beer gardens and patios are no exception, after a year plus in quarantine, people are ready to get back out there and have some fun. The summer of patio season is here and in full swing, my friends. Now that restrictions are lightened in many states and COVID-19 cases are lowering, people are flocking to outdoor patios and places to dine and drink outdoors! This is the perfect time to capitalize on an industry that is continuing to grow rapidly. 

Voodoo Brewing Co. pub franchise locations are the perfect place to have that long-awaited reunion with the crew, since we also offer excellent food and non-alcoholic options so everyone can enjoy! For Franchise Owners, this helps increase ticket prices while keeping people happy for a longer period of time. Patios are excellent for large groups because everyone can feel comfortable while taking up as much space as they need to. Happy hour is about to get a whole lot happier in communities with a Voodoo brewpub!

#2: Patio = Social Distancing

Although things are (mostly) getting back to the way they were in the Before Times, after an entire year of social distancing and restrictions, people are pretty conditioned to this new way of life. It’s instinctual now that people will want to keep their distance from others, and patios are a great way to social distance!

And we’ll keep our fingers crossed, but if we were to go into strict dining restrictions again, you’ll be glad you own a pub franchise with outdoor seating. Patio and outdoor seating helped keep many Voodoo pub franchise locations afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdowns. Several of our locations were able to pivot to socially distant trivia nights, stand-up comedy shows, and even live music on their patios- a tradition that is continuing throughout Summer 2021 and beyond.

Patios are an excellent way to keep your customers spread out, socially distanced, and feeling comfortable as we navigate these very uncertain post-pandemic times. Many people, vaccinated or not, may still feel uncomfortable being close together in smaller, indoor spaces. Give your guests the option of a patio and notice how your profits soar because your customers are comfortable and enjoy your space.

Voodoo beer franchise

#3: Lots of Second-Generation Real Estate Available

Sadly, many restaurants and bars were forced to close during the COVID-19 pandemic due to extended quarantines and dining restrictions. However, this gives you a chance to maximize your opportunity to find an affordable and perfectly designed second-generation real estate to start your Voodoo pub franchise. This helps increase your profits and your ROI within the first few years when you’re able to find cost-effective real estate. 

While we don’t love profiting off of others’ misfortune, we see this as an opportunity to revamp and revive neighborhood hot spots in your community – with a business model that works! Serving high-quality craft beer, as well as fresh and delicious foods, is our top priority. 

If you know of some restaurants or bars in your area with excellent patio space that recently shut down, this may be your sign to open your own Voodoo brewpub in that location! Keep the vibe alive before it gets bought out and torn down by a corporate entity that wants to turn it into something boring like coworking office spaces or apartments.

#4: Our Beer is the Perfect Thirst Quencher on Hot Summer Days

Voodoo craft beer is literally made to be the perfect thirst quencher when the temperature starts rising We have many varieties such as our seltzers, blonde or brown ales, and pilsners. And that’s not even scratching the surface of what we offer at our various Voodoo pub franchise locations. Our award-winning catalog of world-class brews and more can be yours when you become a Franchise Owner. 

We’re constantly concocting new flavor combinations and innovative blends in our 30,000 square-foot taproom back in Meadville, PA. The variety of beer at our pub franchise locations is top-notch, making it ideal for even the toughest craft beer connoisseur to relax with an ice-cold Voodoo brew on a gorgeous sunny day. 

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our available beer list here. (Disclaimer: you may drool on yourself after reading. We just did. Sorry for oversharing.)

#5: It’s More Than Just Great Beer…It’s ART

Here at Voodoo Brewing Co., we don’t just allow our Franchise Owners to add their own style and flair- we encourage it! One of our locally-commissioned muralists just finished an amazing mural at our Homestead, PA location, and people are talking

We commissioned local Pittsburgh artist and urban beautifier Jeremy Raymer to create his chosen “hometown hero” piece. He chose baseball legend Josh Gibson, known as one of the greatest power hitters of all time. He played during the 1930s for the Homestead Grays and Pittsburgh Crawfords. Although at the time, Gibson was only allowed to play for the Negro Leagues, he’s recently been recognized for holding the record for the highest single-season batting average of .441.  

We encourage all of our locations to celebrate their hometown legacies and culture by decking out their patios and interior with plenty of local decor and pride. Even our merchandise is created specifically for each of our locations, so you can show off your hometown swag and create lifelong fans. 

As a Franchise Owner, you can show off your hometown pride by making your Voodoo pub franchise your own! We love to show off local flair and pride ourselves on having locations that look different, while all keeping the Voodoo Brewing Ethos alive: serve great beer, have fun, and make profits!

Voodoo Brewing Co - Bar BG

#6: Did We Mention Our Award-Winning Craft Beer?

For over a decade, our brew master Curt Rachocki has experimented with different flavor combinations and perfected his formula for crafting the ultimate beer. It shows with the awards we’ve won and clout we’ve earned over the years. People truly love our beer, you might even call it a “cult following”. You’ll see what we mean when you become a Franchise Owner yourself, people will know your beer the moment you start serving it and they will be excited. 

We’ve won several awards for our beer including the world-renowned ManBeerPig (which we’ve DQed for now, we’re on to new horizons) and keep pushing the boundaries to create the world’s greatest beer. We have no plans of stopping any time soon and you get to reap the benefits of years of expertise on your side! 

Let us do what we do best: creating the beer. And you do what you do best: serving your community and interacting with your guests. We’ve narrowed down our operations to keep things simple, and if you have the characteristics of a successful franchise bar owner, this opportunity was made for you!

Here are some of the awards we’ve won for Voodoo Brewing Craft Beer: 

  • Best Local Brewery
  • Best Locally Made Beer
  • Best Stout in Pennsylvania
  • Runner Up for Best Beer in Pittsburgh
  • Best Winter Beer 2015
  • Product of the Year
  • Winslow Award
  • Best Food Truck
  • Top Beers of the Year
  • Thrillist Awards (Best New Brewery)
  • Great American Beer Festival Best Beer of the Week
  • Best Brunch
  • Best Brewery
  • Best Locally Made Beer
  • Best Burger
  • 50 Best IPAS in the Country

This is OUR summer and we’re here to reclaim summer nights, patio beers, and to enjoy making new memories with the people who matter most in our lives. Why not be the one to bring those great times to your community? Patio real estate is popping up all over and there are now innovative ways to make patio space due to COVID-19 pandemic changes.

These patios provide social distancing space as well as open-air areas for your customers to interact and mingle in a post-pandemic environment. Everyone is looking to get back out there, meet new people, and enjoy being social once again! 

There are many reasons to consider owning your own Voodoo Brewing Franchise, and while you’re going to have tons of fun creating a community space for the fellow beer lovers in your community – we also offer the lowest investments and the highest return in comparison to other brewing franchises.** 

If you are someone who has always envisioned themselves as a business owner, is passionate about excellent craft beer, and like fast-paced and efficient operations, owning a Voodoo Brewing Co. may be the future career move for you! We keep operations simple and to the point: we employ European Beer Hall style of service in which customers order from a counter and pick up their food. This allows you to scale down your employees and keep overhead low. 

If any (or all) of these reasons sound great to you and you are itching to get started as a Voodoo pub Franchise Owner, please visit our franchise website for more information.

**Numbers obtained from our 2021 FDD


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