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This Couple is Leaving Their Careers to Bring Voodoo to Their City!

We want to introduce you to our newest Voodoo Franchise Owners, Fahad (he/him) and Manal (she/her). This lovely couple decided to leave their careers and pursue a life of good craft brews, good times, and fun. They plan on opening up their own Voodoo Brewing Co. location in Dallas, Texas!

We’re so excited to see that they are making Voodoo part of their life, and we can’t wait to share their fascinating journey with you. Once they decided Voodoo Brewing Co. was for them, we had the opportunity to sit down and learn more about their story. 

Here’s their journey to Voodoo:

Let’s get to Know Fahad and Manal

Manal spent the last 15+ years in the financial services industry. She ran strategy and finance in three different industries throughout her career: real estate, treasury/investment, and wealth management. About a year and a half ago, she left her corporate job to pursue her passions and become a teacher. She became the first woman in North Dallas to teach finance classes at the university. However, she soon realized there was little to no diversity and inclusion at UNT. 

She helped set up outreach programs for underserved students to help them get financial literacy training, is the CEO of a coaching platform for startups, and is even a podcast founder and force multiplier. Outside of her professional career, she loves yogi meditation and coaching for mental fitness.

Her husband, Fahad, spent the last 15 years in business operations, analysis, and data. He is passionate about making an impact on his community. In his free time, he coaches youth sports and plays sports himself.

The “Ah Ha” Moment

When you’re in the market for a new career or a lifestyle change, you have at least one “Ah Ha” moment.

When we asked them what made them choose Voodoo Brewing Co., Manal explained, “When I was leaving my corporate job, I wanted to do something in a different niche: helping communities, bringing people together. I didn’t wanna go back to 9-5.” 

So, her husband helped her research and ran across our Voodoo Brewing video on YouTube. The video flowed with why she left her own corporate job. Fahad called her to the computer and told her, “you need to watch this, they sound like you.”

Manal could see that we also want to bring people together and create a safe haven for people to come together and enjoy themselves. That shared belief is what led them to seal the deal with Voodoo. 

A Shared Love for Passion

We knew Fahad and Manal would be a fantastic fit for Voodoo because we all share the same drive, motivation, and passion. They noticed a recurring problem in the restaurant industry and shared with us, “The effort is missing in many foods and restaurants. Voodoo puts a lot of effort into the work they do and a lot of passion into the work they do. We want to represent a franchise brand with a lot of passion.”

We’re here to inspire them to see the fun in everything they do with Voodoo. We provide guidance and direction to our Franchise Owners but never overstep our boundaries. This means they’ll have the freedom and flexibility to take their Voodoo vision to new heights and build a business they can proudly call their own. 

Outside of their passion, Fahad and Manal look forward to having fun and building a place where people feel comfortable and want to have a good time. We strongly believe they deserve just that! After 15+ years in corporate life, it’s time to take a step back and enjoy the better things in life, like Voodoo.

Their Advice for Future Franchise Owners

The last question we asked was if they had any advice for future franchise owners who are so close to taking the next step but are afraid of the unknown. They responded, “The biggest advice is to know you have a passion or strong desire to learn whatever franchise it is that passion drives entrepreneurship and drives the want to succeed.”

If you’re tired of the corporate chaos, the 9-5, or the ongoing commute of agony you need to endure to work towards someone else’s dream: It may be a sign to start looking at other opportunities, the same way Fahad and Manal did.

“Many people leave corporate jobs because of culture goals you want for yourself to match up with a franchise if you’re new to business ownership, a franchise is almost like a guard rail taking a risk, but you have support. Having a foundation helps build knowledge and take away some risk.”

There’s going to be a risk with everything you do in life. However, with Voodoo Brewing Franchise, you can let us take some of that stress from you. We provide foundational support to all of our Franchise Owners. We brew the beer, help you outsource vendors, and can even help you handle the logistical aspect of running a business. 

Now that Fahad and Manal are part of the Voodoo Brewing community, they get all of that and can now call themselves business owners. How cool is that?

Say Goodbye to Corporate and Hello to Entrepreneurship 

We know Fahad and Manal will be another Voodoo Brewing success story. They took a leap of faith coming to us. They said goodbye to their 9-5 and jumped head first into a pool of entrepreneurship. However, there’s nothing for them to worry about because we’re going to be their “guardrail” every step of the way. 

If you’ve always wanted to own your own business but weren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We have passionate individuals say goodbye to the corporate world and hello to freedom, fun, and beer. 

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