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Raising the Bar: Choosing a Bar Franchise That Stands Out in Your Community

Are you considering purchasing your own bar, but held back by how overwhelmingly expensive it can be to start your own independent brewery? Do you love beer and want to make people happy by providing it for them, but don’t know how to brew your own? Are you interested in the idea of being a part of an award-winning company that makes an amazing product? Do you want to have fun and make money doing it?

If you answered yes to these questions – Voodoo has the opportunity of a lifetime for you! Becoming a part of the Voodoo bar franchise community means you’ll have all of the resources of an award-winning craft brewery without ever having to brew your own beer! 

We make owning a bar franchise easy and fun with our streamlined process. With scaled operations, a tight-knit crew, and a product that practically sells itself, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to make serious profits with Voodoo Brewing Co. Franchise Opportunities.

The Voodoo Brewing Co Team Hero

Here are 7 reasons why Voodoo Brewing is THE bar franchise opportunity you’ll want to be a part of: 

#1 You get to have your own brewery – without brewing any of the beer!

We call our Brew Master Curt Rachocki the “mad scientist” for a reason! For over a decade, he’s crafted some insanely unique and flavorful beer combinations and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. His experience and expertise give Voodoo an edge that other franchise bars don’t have – an award-winning, masterfully crafted product. 

We take the heavy lifting and major expense out of owning a brewery: brewing and storing the product. When you’re a Voodoo bar Franchise Owner, you’ll get award-winning beer delivered straight to you and ready for customers’ consumption. 

Without having to worry about the fine-tuning that comes with brewing your own beer, you can still enjoy all of the perks of a taproom with Voodoo. This gives you time to focus on more important aspects of operations and maximizing your ROI. We take the headaches out of owning a brewery for you!

#2 We keep operations simple.

We’ve modeled our pub operations after European Beer Halls, which means customers order and pick up their food and drinks from a counter. This allows you to operate with a smaller number of staff (around 6 people). As you can imagine, the fewer staff you have, the fewer issues to worry about. Not quite convinced?

Let’s put it this way: fewer employees = less overhead = higher ROI. When we developed our Franchise Opportunities business model, we wanted to strip down all of the unnecessary headaches and bring fun back into the taproom. 

This is why Voodoo offers the most simple, yet successful operations possible. Besides, why overcomplicate things? We’re selling beer to people who want to have a good time and hang out in a comfortable atmosphere. And we do it with style!

#3 Low franchise investment = maximum ROI

The initial investment to start your own Voodoo bar franchise is lower than that of our competitors. This is because we keep it simple and operate in the most efficient manner possible. The average gross sales of a Voodoo Brewing Franchise are around $586,202*, and the average gross sales of our top location? $1,143,971*. The sky’s the limit, my friends, and the possibilities are endless!

We allow our Franchise Owners to create true financial freedom for themselves and their families without being upside down in debt. Our sales-to-investment percentage is 115%, which means that you can make all of your money back and see profits quicker than other bar franchise concepts. While we all do this because we love craft beer, it’s nice to make some profits while owning the business of your dreams – am I right?! 

#4 Beer isn’t the only thing on the menu. 

While Voodoo does offer the greatest beer on the planet at a perfect temperature in frosty mugs, there are so many other ways to make money from your Voodoo bar franchise. 

Our sales breakdown is as follows: 60-70% of our sales come from alcohol (and that’s including top-notch cocktails and other liquor/wine sales), 25-35% are in food sales, and 3-5% merchandise sales. The average ticket price is around $27-30 which averages 2 beers and a meal. 

People have options to purchase food, drinks, and, if they love your brewery, they’ll also deck themselves out in official Voodoo merch! There are several different revenue streams to reach your profit goals and numbers, and there are so many marketing opportunities to lift these sales off the ground! We also serve non-alcoholic drinks such as nitro coffee and nitro tea, and all of our merchandise is specific to each location, making it much more special than typical, run-of-the-mill chain restaurant gear.

Voodoo beer franchise

#5 Our food is straight-up delicious. 

I know we brag about our beer a lot, but the food at Voodoo Brewing Co. is something to write home about! How many times have you loved a certain pub but stopped going because their food is just so-so? You won’t have that trouble as a Voodoo bar Franchise Owner. 

All of our menu items and ingredients are made from locally sourced and fresh foods. Our menu includes eclectic hand-picked items that pair perfectly with our beers. We use unique flavor combinations and new takes on old classics. We love creating fun fusions with classic pub food – we have fun menu items such as Asian shrimp tacos, buffalo chicken grilled cheese, and brunch with bacon pancakes. This is not your average bar food! We take everything to a higher tier of quality at Voodoo.

#6 We’ve got some pretty serious clout… 

It probably sounds like we’re really bragging now, but come on… we’ve earned the right to a humblebrag now and again….and so will you! When you’re a part of the Voodoo bar franchise community, you’ll be a part of an award-winning brand with a cult-like following. What can we say? People love our beer and vibe. We’ve won a major variety of awards. The beer that put us on the map, ManBearPig, was once one of the most sought-after beers in the world.

Some of our most notable awards: 

  • Best Local Brewery
  • Best Locally Made Beer
  • Best Stout in Pennsylvania
  • Runner Up for Best Beer in Pittsburgh
  • Best Winter Beer 2015
  • Product of the Year
  • Winslow Award
  • Best Food Truck
  • Top Beers of the Year
  • Thrillist Awards (Best New Brewery)
  • Great American Beer Festival Best Beer of the Week
  • Best Brunch
  • Best Brewery
  • Best Locally Made Beer
  • Best Burger
  • 50 Best IPAs in the Country

Our brand recognition is strong. People know us, people love us. We have a strong online presence with over 40,000 followers across our social channels. Become part of the Voodoo bar franchise movement and know that you have a special part in making this vision happen. We want to share our love of craft beers and a successful business model with you. 

Instead of going out all on your own, be a part of a family of people who’ve got your back and give you the tools for success. Our Franchise Owners never feel left in the dark because they know they have the Voodoo tribe to back them up every step of the way.

#7 People love our eclectic and laid-back atmosphere

At Voodoo Brewing Co., we are all about letting our Franchise Owners express their individual styles and embrace the differences that make you unique. That’s why our customers feel so at home at Voodoo pubs – every single one of them has a piece of their Owner’s personal style and flair. 

We encourage all of our Franchise Owners to make their location unique while still vibing with the Voodoo ethos of serving bad-ass products to amazing people and having fun while doing it. We love incorporating local styles and supporting the surrounding cultural areas. 

Voodoo pubs thrive in urban and industrial locations that offer lots of foot traffic, we are the perfect place to stop and have a beer and a bite to eat before continuing your adventure. Our eclectic decor and comfortable community vibe are what keeps customers coming back and why they choose Voodoo again and again.

Voodoo craft brewery franchise is fun!

Next Stop.. Voodoo-ville!

If you have a dream of owning your own pub, bar, brewery, or restaurant but don’t want to feel like you’re out on an island alone, Voodoo has your back! We aren’t like other cookie-cutter corporate franchises- we actually care about our Franchise Owners and consider each location part of one big community and family. We’re with you from conception to launch, to serving your first customers, and beyond! 

We love to watch you create a major profit from the well-established and loved Voodoo bar franchise brand. If you enjoy award-winning craft beer and want to create a financially stable future for yourself without letting go of your identity, owning a Voodoo Brewing Co. bar franchise is the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for! 

Voodoo Brewing Co. sets itself far apart from the rest – it’s a no-brainer! If you like to have fun and want to make some serious profits doing it, take a look at our franchise opportunities today! 

*Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD

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