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Leisa and Vinny Leo Launch
Voodoo Brewing Co. in Tennessee!

Meet new beer Franchise Owners Leisa and Vinny Leo

We’re growing again! We are absolutely stoked to be bringing Voodoo Brewing Co. to the Volunteer State of Tennessee, and it’s all thanks to our newest beer franchise partners, Leisa and Vinny Leo!

As a couple with a great passion for craft beer and entrepreneurship, it’s hard to find a better Voodoo beer Franchise Owner fit than the Leos. Leisa and Vinny’s early background in the restaurant industry, along with the experience they’ve gained throughout their professional careers, makes them eager to begin the newest chapter of their lives as co-Owners of Tennessee’s future favorite craft brewpub. Let’s meet the couple who’s set to launch their Voodoo franchise location later this year.

Who are Vinny and Leisa? Let’s Get Personal

Leisa and Vinny dated for 3 years before getting married, and have spent the last couple of decades raising their family. In addition to his love of craft beer, Vinny has another interesting hobby as a racquetball player! Vinny’s racquetball career has taken him all over the U.S., competing in tournaments over the years.

For over two decades, Vinny has honed his professional background in the IT compliance and controls sector within the life science industry. He is looking forward to bringing the unique experience he has acquired to his new role as a Voodoo brewpub Franchise Owner!

Leisa, on the other hand, has been focused on her dedicated career as a CPA after spending close to 15 years in one of the most important roles of all- bringing up a family! Over the past eight years, the former stay-at-home mom has been committed to her accounting role with Deloitte & Touche. In Leisa’s words, opening a Voodoo craft beer franchise is a great chance to work with Vinny as her partner both in life and in business, and sees their new venture as a chance to reignite her passion for learning.

Restaurant Experience… Not Required but ALWAYS a Plus! 

Most potential Voodoo franchise entrepreneurs ask about the connection between having background experience in running a restaurant and managing a successful beer franchise. The truth is, you don’t necessarily need a background in running a restaurant to manage a Voodoo brewpub. In fact, many of our current Franchise Owners come from different walks of life without a shred of restaurant or bar industry experience prior to Voodoo! However, it never hurts to understand the foodservice and hospitality industry from the inside before investing in a Voodoo brewpub, and the Leos’ previous restaurant experience will go a long way toward their success as Franchise Owners! 

The couple came into the restaurant industry quite early. They have had multiple roles in several restaurants, which they believe will also help them be successful, smart Voodoo Franchise Owners. Vinny gained immense experience with back-of-house operations, which balances beautifully with Leisa’s time spent working front-of-house in an Italian restaurant. The Leos are confident that they’ll be able to apply their vast knowledge of the inner workings of a restaurant to the successful management of their Voodoo brewpub. Since our simple model eliminates a LOT of the typical headaches of running a bar or restaurant, keeping staff to a minimum with our European beer-hall style of service, Leisa and Vinny will be able to avoid some of the issues they surely remember from their days working at restaurants!

From Fans to Franchise Owners

It’s not by sheer coincidence that Leisa and Vinny took the bull by its horns and decided to open a Voodoo brewpub in their community. Before seriously looking into the beer franchise opportunity, the couple was already sold into the spirit and vibe of Voodoo. Beyond their sincere love and appreciation of our award-winning craft beer and delicious, eclectic menu, the two confess that they love the feel and setting that Voodoo brewpubs offer, and appreciate the team spirit inherent within the Voodoo tribe. 

In fact, when the Leos first began looking at franchise opportunities, the franchise consultant they worked with recommended Voodoo based on Leisa’s interests and personality! We love it when our Franchise Owners’ interests and passions align with Voodoo Brewing Co.’s core values – it’s exactly what we look for in a new franchise investor.

You Can’t Sell What You Can’t Buy

At Voodoo, we are keen to advance a culture that’s easy to embrace and one that our Franchise Owners are as proud of as we are. Leisa and Vinny genuinely believe in Voodoo’s unique model that’s strictly customer-centric. Here, customers can move through the entire experience in a carefully structured process that’s highly customer-oriented. Additionally, customers can sit for as long as they wish to catch up and socialize. Leisa and Vinny admit that this is one model they can sell to customers any day. 

It’s essential for Franchise Owners to love and appreciate a brand as much before investing. With such a passion for the brand and business model, we can’t wait to see the new heights Vinny and Leisa take us to with their Voodoo pub!

Voodoo Brewing Co - Voodoo Burger BG

Blending the Passion with a Business Mindset 

We believe that integrating passion with business acumen is an essential mix- the “special sauce,” if you will, that makes our pubs different from those cheesy, cookie-cutter bar chains out there. With their real-world business experience and their genuine passion for what Voodoo has to offer its customers, Vinny and Leisa bring this core value to life. According to the couple, one of their greatest inspirations for wanting to own a franchise was having control over the business process. 

The Leos believe that their passion for craft beer, combined with their desire to be their own boss and run a successful, necessary, and fun establishment like Voodoo, there could never be a better time to invest. Leisa and Vinny enjoy how Voodoo’s model gives them greater control over the decision-making process than they would have with other franchise brands. Franchising with Voodoo also gives them a chance to be more flexible in their operations and create a healthy work-life balance, something that’s still missing in most of the corporate world at large. 

According to Vinny and Leisa, running a franchise allows them to blend their passion with their entrepreneurship mindset- a combo that’s sure to be rewarding in the long term.

What Sets Vinny and Leisa Apart?

At Voodoo, we are always looking for people who would make great value additions to our franchise. Vinny and Leisa bring this to the table. With their beyond-exceptional work ethic, appetite for business ownership, and authentic appreciation and love for the Voodoo model, the Leos ticked all our boxes for ideal franchise candidates, and we were super excited to award them their franchise. Leisa and Vinny have spent many years giving their best to others in the professional world. Now they have the chance to grow their own business doing something they truly love and enjoy every day.

Want to own a Voodoo beer franchise?
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When Voodoo was first launched in 2005 in Meadville, PA, no one anticipated that it would one day grow into a beer franchise with locations across the U.S . But here we are; after years of perfecting our franchise business model, the Voodoo team is growing steadily, with Franchise Owners creating their own magic at local brewpubs all over the country.  

With an investment starting at $331,750, owning a Voodoo brewpub is a fraction of the cost of other bar-themed franchise concepts- not to mention 100% less dorky (we have NEVER required our staff to wear pieces of flair, and we never will!)

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