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What Are the Top Craft Beer Industry Trends for 2022?

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, which affected every sector, the craft beer industry is still going strong. Are you wondering how? For starters, for every bar, microbrewery or craft beer emporium that closed in 2020, there are three new ones opening their doors! And the best part is, there’s not much danger of an oversaturated market- people love beer, and they enjoy gathering at their favorite local watering holes to drink it. Owning a craft beer franchise now might be the best decision an entrepreneur can make, assuming they enjoy having fun, making money, and meeting new people.

The increase in the number of breweries in the United States has led to new trends that will dominate 2022. As a potential Franchise Owner, you need to be in the know about these trends, and how Voodoo fits into the whole thing. Here are craft beer industry trends that will be notable in 2022.

The Year of Re-Branding

Due to the rise of many craft brewers, the year 2022 will be very competitive. You will realize brewers will need to inject a lot of funds into marketing strategies. All craft brewers want to be on top of the game. This calls for relevance in marketing platforms such as social media.

 The brewers will have to change the entire image of the brewery to attract new customers. That is from cans and bottles to graphics. Everything will have to be re-branded.

Thanks to our unique, playful beer names and awesome can designs, Voodoo is not in need of a re-brand- our fans can spot a new Voodoo brew from a mile away. Our street cred speaks for itself, and our brewpub Owners reap the benefits from a loyal, devoted fan base among the craft beer community. So- one less thing to worry about when you own a Voodoo brewpub!

Curiosity Tasting 

Here’s something that will blow your mind: beer drinkers love to taste different beers. No, really. We were shocked too.

Seriously, though, people tend to be naturally curious about trying new things, and that goes for new types of beer. With an increase in breweries, beer lovers are now making “tasting” a norm. It’s like those fancy-pants wine tastings in Napa Valley, but with beer!

It’s an emerging trend that is helping beer lovers educate themselves on different variety of beers. No one wants to be told stories of whether a certain beer is awesome or not. Everyone wants to taste and make their judgment. And if there’s one thing craft beer enthusiasts love, it’s being the first to know a particular brew is awesome, then unloading its entire origin story on an unsuspecting public. Beer tastings are perfect opportunities for these aficionados to hone their craft and develop their palates.

The tasting experience has been vital for the craft beer industry. User reviews are making breweries improve on their beers. As a Voodoo brewpub Owner, there’s nothing to stop you from hosting your own tasting event- not only is it a great way to boost visibility and awareness of newer brews, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to bring the local craft beer community together, either in support of a good cause or just for fun.

Contactless Technology Is Dominating The Trends

Covid-19 made people adopt new trends to help minimize contact with other people in an attempt to slow the spread.  Since a lot of these new trends are super-convenient and easier than the old way of doing things, we can expect them to stick around long after this situation has calmed down for good.

Take, for example, the ability to buy things without walking into a brick-and-mortar facility. Thanks to technology, you can buy virtually anything through contactless payment methods. You don’t have to pay cash or even be there in person. Beer is no exception!

For residents of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Washington, D.C., delicious Voodoo beer delivered right to their doorstep is just a mouse click away! Our online ordering and delivery service has proven quite popular amid the pandemic, and we anticipate it will continue to be a go-to service for folks who are looking for exclusive can releases and special merch that is sometimes only available online. 

As we continue to open new brewpubs in cities across America, we plan to expand Voodoo home delivery to these markets. It’s a great way to ensure that, no matter what Covid-19 drops on our society next, at least people won’t have to be without a superior beer at home!

Beers With Quality and Benefits

Lately, people are not buying products or services that don’t meet the standards. Have you noticed that people are going for quality over quantity? People are going for beneficial things that positively impact physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in the recent past. As a potential Voodoo craft beer Franchise Owner, this is good news, since quality is kind of our top priority.

Not surprisingly, people love beers that are made with quality ingredients, as they find that can help lessen the post-hangover impact that can be more profound after drinking low-quality, cheap beer. You will find that beers with standard ABVs are relaxing and don’t have that disturbing hangover effect.  So why do people hate hangovers so much? If you’re asking, you’ve clearly never had a hangover. They’re seriously the worst. So, it’s not too surprising that people are gravitating toward quality beers made with ingredients that can lessen the unpleasant effects. 

Our Master Brewer and his crew source only the highest quality ingredients to brew our beer. It’s a true labor of love, and one that he takes super seriously. You can be certain that every single beer you sell as a Voodoo craft beer Franchise Owner was made with a heaping helping of the not-so-secret ingredient: LOVE. (Disclaimer: you absolutely will still get a wicked hangover if you drink too many beers, no matter which beer you drink- enjoy responsibly!)

Sour Beers Have Gained Mass Attention 

In the recent past, sour beers are becoming the talk of the town. With the increase in sales, it’s a true definition of how people love these fruit-influenced beers.  You’ll notice that the sour beers have earned a perfect spot in menus for taprooms and bars.

It’s an emerging trend where sour beers have a larger impact than other beers. The growth of these sour beers can be measured on percentage but not in the total volume of beers sold.

Why are these sour beers becoming more popular in the recent past? Many of these beers have a low percentage of calories. That is the secret. No one wants to add unnecessary weight. Do you? I know the answer is a big no!

Apart from helping you avoid belly and keep a flat tummy, sour beers are smooth, attracting cocktail lovers. So expect to see more hype on these beers in 2022.

What’s that, you say? You want to know if Voodoo has plans to capitalize on the sour beer trend? Allow us to introduce you to Golden Sour, which we first brewed in summer 2020. (Did we actually START the sour beer trend? It’s possible…guess we’ll never know for sure!)

Diversity In Different Types Of Beer

We have seen many breweries opening this year, and more are in the process. And every brewery comes with different types of beer to the market. What does this mean? The industry will be flooded with various types of beer.

Change is inevitable, and change brings diversity when it comes to the craft beer industry. You will realize that beer lovers tend to be excited about new brands of beers, yet still stick to the normal brand that they love. 

You really can’t get more diverse than our line-up of craft brews. From IPAs to stouts to lagers, and everything in between, you can always find a beautiful rainbow of beer flavors, colors, and moods at a Voodoo brewpub. Our fans know this, and as a Franchise Owner, you’ll reap the benefits of being on-trend with incredible diversity, yet not having to brew a single damn beer yourself. How’s that for the American Dream?

The Last Word

You should expect 2022 to bring new trends to the craft beer world. But still, there will be old ones that will stick on the list. Some trends include the need for re-branding, contactless technology, demand for quality beers, sour beers, and industrial diversity.

As Voodoo Brewing Co, we are keeping up with trends to ensure our customers get the best beers in the market. And we’re not saying this just to sell more brewpubs- we mean this: opening a craft beer franchise through Voodoo may just be the best decision you’ll ever make in your career. If you want to ring in the new year as a business owner, with a job that makes you actually want to go to work each day, visit our official website.

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