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Happy New Beer! Why 2022 is the Year to Finally Own a Voodoo Pub Franchise


New Year, new Voodoo craft beer franchise ownership? We say yes… and so does the franchise industry! A fresh new year is just around the corner which means it’s the ideal time to get a running start on your 2022 goals. If one of those goals is owning a thriving (and fun!) franchise, Voodoo just may be the right fit for you. 

Since 2005, we’ve perfected our lean franchise business model for bold, innovative barrel-aged beers and eclectic, locally-curated pub food menu served to fans everywhere. It’s not just a fluke – we’ve successfully replicated the Voodoo brewpub experience in 7 cities, with even more new franchise locations opening their doors this year. This means we’re ready to add new partners around the U.S. who share a love for business and beer to open their own craft beer franchise.

Why choose Voodoo in 2022?

Is now the best time to invest in a franchise of any kind, especially one in the restaurant industry? In short, yes. With an economic recovery plan in place and a largely successful vaccine rollout across the country, the restaurant industry and economy at large are well on the road to recovery. 

For the most part, people are ready to safely gather and celebrate the simple pleasures of trying new craft beers and eating locally-sourced pub food with friends and family. Workers are back in their offices and ready for sit-down work lunches and grabbing beers after work. Even with the latest threat of the Omicron variant to consider, a sizeable amount of the U.S. population continues to feel comfortable gathering with friends and co-workers over an ice-cold beer at their favorite watering holes. There’s ample prime commercial real estate inventory available for future franchise owners and interest rates are at a record low. Right now, it’s actually more affordable to lease or purchase commercial real estate than it has been in a decade.

Our ‘Anti-Franchise’ Craft Beer Franchise Model

Over the past decade, Voodoo Brewing Co. has smashed industry standards and innovated in the craft brewing segment. This isn’t your typical franchise – in fact, we’re decidedly anti-franchise – so you’ll enjoy the protection of being part of a larger organization without the restrictive corporate vibe.

Using a European beer hall design, Voodoo operates on a lean and agile staff of 6 people or less that translates to more money in your pockets and fewer staffing issues. After the immense challenges of 2020 and 2021, you’re probably ready for a tried and true franchise business model without the hassle. If you love craft beer and good vibes, forget the trial and error of an unestablished business and set yourself up for the amazing potential for success and support this year.

100% Support, 0% Micro-Management

You won’t be on this craft beer franchise journey all alone. You’ll have the backing of executive support using the proven Voodoo business model. Instead of taking on the considerable risk of starting your own independent bar or restaurant, you’ll have a corporate team doing the heavy lifting…including actually brewing the beer for you and shipping it directly to your pub from our 30,000 square-foot taproom facility. 

In addition to having a legit Master Brewer and his team of craft brewing rockstars in your corner, the Voodoo tribe is here to take care of communicating with distributors, planning promotions, deciding on effective advertising and marketing strategies, making craft beer selections for your brewpub, and coming up with new menu offerings. This frees up your time to serve your customers the world’s best beer (in our humble opinion) and establish a strong relationship with your community, all in a pub you bring to life with its own personality and vibe. 

voodoo craft beer franchise best for 2022

Sign in 2022, Open in 2022!

You may be wondering about the time it takes to start up a Voodoo craft beer franchise and ultimately when you’ll become profitable. Currently, the average time for a new Voodoo brewpub to be open and operating is around 9 months from the date of signing the franchise agreement. This means you could potentially be ready to serve customers in the second half of 2022 when experts predict further economic recovery and consumer confidence. 

With its growing popularity over the past decade, the interest in craft beers shows no signs of slowing down. Spacious Voodoo taprooms (including the 30,000 square foot one in Meadville, PA) and outdoor spaces ensure there is room to safely spread out when social distancing is necessary.

Additionally, since we prefer our Franchise Owners to source second- or third-generation real estate to minimize buildout costs and fit in with the feel of the local architecture, we’re able to get new Voodoo pub locations up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to open a new-construction restaurant- not to mention at a fraction of the cost! 

Craft Beer + Franchising= Two Booming Industries!

The burgeoning craft beer industry can be very lucrative, thanks to low overhead, multiple revenue streams (craft beer, food, non-alcoholic drinks, and merchandise), and larger profit margins. Craft beer surpasses wine and liquor in terms of sales and doesn’t show any indications of stopping. From IPAs to blonde ales, craft beer lovers don’t mind paying more to experience new flavors and variations. 

Still not quite sure about investing in a franchise during relatively uncertain times? Statistically speaking, owning a franchise, especially one in a growing industry like craft beer, is actually less risky than opening your own business from scratch. 

Franchises are a major contributor to the U.S. economy, to the tune of 670 billion of total economic output, or 3 percent of the total gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020. They’re projected to have added 8.3 million new hires by the end of 2021. While other business sectors may still be struggling for quite some time, the franchise market is expected to make a full financial recovery and grow a projected 3.5 percent. Total investment ranges from $331,750 to $2,192,500* to start your own Voodoo Pub franchise.

*At this time, we do require a 3-pack minimum

Here are a few additional stats from 2020 to consider: 

  • Craft beer makes up 23.6% of the U.S. retail beer market 
  • Average of 22.2 billion dollars in craft beer sales
  • 14% of Americans drink beer at least once a week
  •  Neilson Harris data reports the percentage of 21+ population that drinks craft beer has risen from 35% in 2015 to 44% in 2020

Finally, we already mentioned this, but it bears repeating: all of the beer is brewed off-site and delivered right to you – no need to be involved with the actual brewing process, maintenance, or cleaning huge vats of beer. This means you’ll save thousands of dollars on upfront manufacturing costs because all of your product is delivered directly to you and ready for your customers to enjoy. This is an especially attractive point for those of us who have always dreamed of owning a chill little craft brewery, despite knowing exactly zero about brewing beer!

With experts predicting high economic prosperity in the next several months to pre-pandemic levels and beyond, now may be the right time to take the leap. Don’t let Future You kick themselves for letting this opportunity go by- visit our website today to learn how you can own a Voodoo Brewing Co. franchise in 2022!

Own an anti-corporate, pro-fun brewery franchise.

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