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Give Back to Your Community, Voodoo Style!

If you will give us a minute to brag, we want to say that in our humble opinion, our craft beer Franchise Owners are the best in the business. Not only do they think against the grain and look to provide top-tier beer and food to their clients while fostering a team spirit amongst employees, they’re also dedicated to giving back to their communities.

In fact, giving back is considered a tenet of the Voodoo lifestyle, and our Franchise Owners regularly look for ways to help their communities become the best they can be (as well as spread the Voodoo lifestyle far and wide). We believe the secret to a great franchise is the ability to create community leaders who care about where they live, and one of the first things most of our Franchise Owners do is host give-back events. From concerts and comedy nights to paint-and-sip events, Voodoo brewpubs are perfect venues for hosting fun nights out that benefit the members of your community. Keep reading to learn about two of our most recent charity events.

voodoo brewery paint and sip give back event
voodoo brewery paint and sip give back event

Burning Empty Calories…and Giving Back!

On September 25, 2021, the Voodoo Brewing Co. Compound in Meadville, Pennsylvania hosted the Burning Empty Calories 5K. Early bird registrants paid $30 in advance while day-of tickets sold for $35. All of the first 150 registrants received a performance-enhancing wrist sweatband as well as a voucher for their choice of a complimentary food or beverage item. Part of the proceeds helped The ARC of Crawford County.

The ARC is dedicated to protecting and promoting human rights for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities by looking for ways to offer participation and full inclusion in the community. They put disabled individuals front and center by focusing on them as people who can contribute to society in a plethora of ways rather than defining them by their disability. Featuring a variety of services, including day programs, family support, and working with disabled athletes to train them for the Special Olympics, The Arc covers a variety of needs for special needs families in the area. We believe their cutting-edge work fits right in with the Voodoo Lifestyle, and we were proud to have the opportunity to work with and meet some of the most wonderful individuals in the community. 

The day of the race was full of excitement as people from all walks of life came to meet at Voodoo Brewery to compete as well as give back to The Arc. AT 11:00 am, race participants lined up to begin their run; however, there was also an assortment of people who came out just to support The ARC as well as enjoy what Voodoo Brewery Co. had to offer. We raised over $1,000 dollars for The ARC which will be used to provide services for children and individuals throughout the area. Overall, we consider this event a great success, and we look forward to seeing what some of our new friends who use The ARC’s services will accomplish in their lives, how they help the community and what they accomplish as they live their version of the Voodoo Lifestyle.

Paint, Sip and Support Local Business!

Another event we recently hosted was a Paint and Sip collaboration with the Kilted Kiln, a local pottery painting studio in Meadville. For this event, we wanted to let the community see the Voodoo craft beer franchise vibe up close and personal, hosting it on the second-floor lounge at the Voodoo Compound. Tickets included a presentation from the Kilted Kiln, access to over 70 paint colors and brushes, a drink ticket for any Voodoo beverage, and a microwave-, oven-, and dishwasher-safe piece of pottery that’s sure to become a family heirloom, or at least a really cool conversation piece. Proceeds went to local businesses that need extra support as they get back on their feet following COVID.

In fact, while some people may question our philosophy of helping others, including companies in direct competition with our sales, we believe a great business is dedicated to uplifting those around them. We need a variety of businesses to keep our communities thriving, and we believe that the key to success is having a variety of options for consumers to choose from. We understand that not everyone is going to like beer (although, our food is pretty great too), but we want them to still be able to partake in the Voodoo lifestyle by participating in our events as well as getting to know us a little better. This philosophy is what has allowed us to shine.

The Kilted Kiln event was a major success, allowing participants to create their own unique pottery item that they’ll cherish for years to come. We had participants arrive from around the state, simply because the Voodoo lifestyle really is for everyone (although we’re sure the beer and food were a definite reason to come out as well). Guests completely designed their items on their own, allowing them to express their creativity in any way they saw fit. After creating their pieces, the awesome employees at Kilted Kiln took each piece back to their studio in order to fire it up in the kiln. After four days (there were A LOT of pieces), guests were able to pick up their items to take home. Lasting over three hours, this event was one of the most popular ones we hosted, and we now plan on making it a quarterly occurrence so we can give back more than ever before.

Craft beer franchise hosts give-back events

Get In on the Good Vibes…Own a Voodoo Craft Beer Franchise!

We look forward to hosting more events in Meadville as well as seeing what kids of give-back events our awesome Franchise Owners across the country come up with in the coming years. Voodoo Brewing Co. and its Franchise Owners have donated thousands of dollars to charities and community organizations over the years, and we see that number grow each and every year as the Voodoo Community grows larger and stronger. 

If you would like to get in on the fastest-growing craft beer franchise in the nation, there’s no better time than now. Please visit our franchise website for more info. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be a member of the Voodoo Tribe soon!

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