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Franchise opportunities for people who don’t dig Franchises

Look, we get it. Franchises aren’t for everyone. They come with a range of new responsibilities that aren’t always the easiest to deal with, especially if you aren’t passionate about the business or business model.

Matt and Jake of Voodoo Brewing Co 'Franchises for people who don't dig franchises'
Look, we get it. Franchises aren’t for everyone. They come with a range of new responsibilities that aren’t always the easiest to deal with, especially if you aren’t passionate about the business or business model.

Of course, that’s until you’ve been introduced to the brewery franchise opportunities that Voodoo Brewing Co. has to offer. 

Voodoo Brewing is for individuals who hate franchises but want to own and grow their own businesses. It’s for the ones who love a cold glass of craft beer but don’t necessarily want to brew it themselves. Or, to put things simply: it’s for the bold beer lovers: who are ready for their next adventure. 

You may not think a franchise is for you, but that’s just because you haven’t found the right beer franchise for sale to change your mind.

If you aren’t sure if brewery franchise opportunities are right for you, here are a few reasons you should reconsider and choose Voodoo.

Quality, craft beer

Let’s cut to the chase: our craft beer is damn good, and we’re damn proud to share it with you. With one sip, you’ll experience firsthand how great it is, and you’ll be excited to share it with everyone you know. The best part is: that you don’t even need to brew it!  We ship all of our award-winning beer directly to our brewery franchise owners. Everything is taken care of by us, to ensure you can provide the same high-quality taste to your community.

Get the support you need

Opening your franchise is a lot like starting your own business. However, with Voodoo, you get access to an unreal Franchise Owner support system that will help you every step of the way. The franchisers will provide you with all of the training and support you need to succeed and build the brand. You’ll get support for everything from establishing your brand to the sales and marketing of your location. You name it: you got it.


Never worry about corporate rules

Look, safety is important. However, there is no need to put any other corporate rules in place that aren’t regarding human safety. We’re different from those other franchises. We believe every Voodoo Brewing franchise is an extension of our company and deserves to stake its independence, explore creativity, and most importantly: have fun. When you partner with us, you never need to worry about corporate rules, only the safety of the individuals that work for you and visit your brewery. 

Say goodbye to the 9-5

Our beer franchise for sale is more than just a badass business model, it’s a lifestyle that is sure to enhance your life, not take away from it. That means you don’t need to work a 9-5 to be a successful franchise owner. With our resources, beer, and a little bit of motivation: you can do whatever you want with our franchise business model. How cool is that?

Take the glory

Name one thing better than a great pint of beer. Don’t worry… we’ll wait. The truth is: Beer makes people happy! If you can deliver a high-quality taste to your hometown, you’ll be a hometown hero in our books. With our brewery franchise opportunities, you’ll be able to do more than just pursue your passion for owning a business. You’ll be able to make everyone in your community happy and provide them with one of the most refreshing glasses of beer they’ve ever had. What more could you ask for?

The better and easier investment

We don’t like to talk numbers, so we’ll try to keep things simple and straight to the point. With Voodoo Brewing Co., the time and money you put into your investment are minimal, accessible, and exclusive. Almost everything you need to get started is included in the initial investment. 

There aren’t any hidden fees you need to know about, and we don’t stop there. If we can help you make connections for local tap lines, a plumber, or gas: we got you! We want you to succeed more than anything, so it’s our mission to make the costs as low as possible, so you can increase your profits.

why voodoo is the anti-franchise franchise

Minimal equipment

Some franchises really want you to be doing the most. With Voodoo Brewing Co., we only want you to do the minimum. That means you only need the minimum amount of equipment for your brewery. You won’t need to worry about big deep fryers or other expensive restaurant equipment. People come to you for one thing! So let’s keep things simple and focus on the true star of the show: our beer.

Express your individuality

We believe every brew pub franchise location should have some individuality. If every Voodoo Brewery looked the same, what would be the fun in that? With more money in your pocket from the easy investment, you can invest more money into making your location your own. Make it cool and make it your own: we won’t be breathing down your next about any of that! We actually might end up just being jealous of how great your franchise location looks compared to ours!

Ready to get started?

Our beer franchise for sale is different from the others on the market. Voodoo Brewing Co. is fun and unique. It provides an opportunity for you to connect with individuals: on a beer level. You’ll be a hometown hero: who doesn’t need to play by any corporate rules or worry about sacrificing your individuality to own a brewery you can be proud of. 

If you still hate the idea of franchises… Well, we tried right? But if you are even slightly convinced this might be a great choice for you, what are you waiting for? Let’s put your entrepreneur skills to the test and give Voodoo a chance. Request more info today to learn more.

Own an anti-corporate, pro-fun brewery franchise.

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