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How This Probation Officer by Day/Restaurant Worker by Night Ditched the 9-5 for That Voodoo Life

Here at Voodoo, we have some of the most awesome Franchise Owners on the planet, with all dedicated to providing great beer, shattering the status quo, and thinking outside the box to create the best pubs in their local areas. We strive to help everyone achieve their dreams of becoming a Voodoo craft beer Franchise Owner as quickly and easily as possible, while still providing every single one of our awesome peeps with a strong community of people just like them.

Sarah Lister is one of those awesome people, and her story more than shows what makes Voodoo Brewing’s Franchise Owners the best in the business as they trade the corporate grind for the Voodoo Life.

Craft Beer Franchise Owner Sarah Lister

Sarah’s Restaurant Origins

Lister started in the restaurant business at 14-years-old and knows exactly what it’s like to work in every position imaginable (she’s done everything from dishwashing to management). However, let’s be real, restaurant work doesn’t always pay all the bills, and even though Lister knew restaurant work was her calling, she needed something else to keep her afloat financially. For 14 years, Lister worked as a probation officer during the day while working in the restaurant industry at night so she could pay her bills while doing what she loved. Lister knew she needed a change from this lifestyle. As an avid outdoorswoman who regularly boats, swims, kayaks, and hikes, there really wasn’t time to do many fun things when she had to work all the time, so she set out researching franchises that fueled her passions and fit her lifestyle.

Finding the Voodoo Tribe

Lister quickly discovered Voodoo and wondered if a craft beer franchise would be a good fit. She started going through pages of information, as well as our awesome franchising website, to find whether or not we’d be a match made in heaven. The more she searched, the more she found that piqued her interest. As she got deeper into the Voodoo Life, she discovered that she “…just loved the concept and the people that I spoke to were all very helpful and outstanding! I love the story of how Voodoo came to exist and how it has become what it is today. It’s inspiring to me and excites me to become part of this journey.” She found our business model “great” and loves that we “search for the right fit” as well as how easy Voodoo makes it to understand the process.  It was evident to her that unlike some of those other franchise companies, we cared about all of our teammates from Day One.

Discovering the Voodoo Craft Beer Franchise Opportunity

Lister knew pretty quickly that Voodoo Brewing was the right franchise for her and her skillset, so she set out to get the ball rolling. Our Development Director reached out to provide her with more information, with Lister describing him as, “the most enthusiastic and happy person.” She knew that if someone could love their company that much, it had to be something pretty great. She got a meeting with our CEO, Jake Voelker, and listened to him explain the story of Voodoo Brewing. Jake explained how everything began, something Lister found inspiring, but what really attracted her to Voodoo Brewing was Jake’s personality, with Lister explaining, “He had such a humble and grateful attitude and was so helpful with answering my tons of questions. I felt so comfortable and energized to move forward with success!”

Our first step for all new Franchise Owners is to go through Voodoo Discovery Day. Unfortunately, Lister couldn’t get the full experience due to COVID, and had to have her Discovery Day virtually; however, she still feels it was an amazing experience, pointing out how Voodoo Brewing went “above and beyond” to make her virtual experience exactly what she needed. Seeing how hard we worked to make her get to know us better in the middle of the pandemic solidified her feelings that she was right where she should be. After all, as someone who has worked hard their entire life, she wanted and deserved a franchise that worked as hard she did. Ultimately, she knew she could build something she was proud of with Voodoo while reaping the benefits of our amazing support structure.

Sarah’s Road to Craft Beer Franchise Success

The primary thing Lister finds helpful in her journey to success is our team. With a wealth of knowledge and a strong dedication to treating everyone like family, she believes the Voodoo Brewing team is prime to her success. As someone who was worked in the restaurant industry since she was 14 years old, Sarah knows exactly how cutthroat the business can be; however, she didn’t get any of those vibes from Voodoo Brewing, pointing out how we are supportive and go above and beyond to be helpful throughout the process, including receiving guidance from her fellow Franchise Owners. The other great part of the team? Our corporate employees, with Lister saying they sold her on the Voodoo Life due to each one being “amazing” and taking the time to teach, guide, and prepare her for becoming a Franchise Owner. Lister believes that with our team, network, and the awesome beer and food that can only be found at Voodoo craft beer franchise locations, she can build a successful business and be proud of the accomplishments that Voodoo facilitates for her. If that’s not a glowing review, we don’t know what is!


Craft Beer Franchise Owner Sarah Lister

Finally, Lister has some advice for those looking to become a potential Voodoo Franchise Owner, saying, “Be patient, ask questions, be open-minded, and be willing to learn! It’s a great group of people at Voodoo and the experience will be so rewarding!” Not to toot our own horn, but we couldn’t agree more. We want all of our Franchise Owners to succeed, and believe us when we say we’ve dealt with everything you can imagine. With Voodoo on your side, you get not only great products your customers will love, but you also get a great team that’s dedicated to helping you succeed.

We would love to welcome you to the Voodoo Family, so get on board with the fastest-growing craft beer franchise in the nation. Want to learn more? Please visit our website by clicking here, and let’s get you initiated into the Voodoo Brewing Co. family ASAP.

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