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Die-Hard Beer Fans Join the Voodoo Craft Beer Franchise Tribe!


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Meet Mike and Amy Hitchcock

Hey, current and potential Voodoo Franchise Owners, help us give a big warm welcome to the newest members of our Voodoo Tribe: Mike and Amy Hitchcock!!

Mike and Amy have been long-time die-hard craft beer fans and thanks to Voodoo Brewing Co., their dream of owning their own brewery is finally coming true.

They spotted the incredible opportunity to open a full-service craft beer franchise in their hometown of Reno, Nevada with minimum investment, and you can too! Find out what made Mike and Amy choose Voodoo as their ideal franchise opportunity and why they feel Voodoo stands out among the rest in terms of quality, ease of operations, and of course, care. 

One of the things that set Voodoo apart from other cookie-cutter franchises is that we continue to put the utmost care and love into every inch of our operations. Why? Because we ACTUALLY CARE about producing the world’s greatest tasting liquid and those who drink it. We love our fans like we love our family, because to us, they are what helped us build this company from the ground up. 

Back to Mike and Amy, let’s take a look into their background and why Voodoo was the perfect fit to help them live their dreams and conquer their best life.

Where It Started for Mike and Amy

Mike and Amy first met at a bar in 2011 (remember when people used to meet in real life before dating apps?) and have been happily married for 6 years. They’ve always bonded over their shared love of craft beer and have spent much of their relationship traveling to different cities to experience the local craft beer selection. 

So, they’ve been in the know about Voodoo for a while, and were completely psyched to find out they could own a Voodoo brewpub in their community- all without brewing a single beer themselves. 

Mike says he didn’t seriously consider the Voodoo craft beer franchise opportunity as a real option until he started looking into the planning to build his own bar or restaurant. As you can imagine, he ran into some major roadblocks, as starting an independently-owned bar or restaurant can be a huge undertaking. 

He recalls, “I had no idea breweries even did franchises so when I saw that there was an opportunity to join a franchise that does the brewing and has the blueprint for success, I was all about it.”

Well Mike, we’re sure glad you did! And we’re so glad to have you aboard the Voodoo train, heading west!

craft beer franchise post-COVID

Restaurant Experience Not Necessary 

A question we get asked all the time is “do I need to know how to operate a bar or restaurant? I’ve never worked in the service industry before.” And the answer is a big resounding NOOO

Sure, it helps to understand what your employees are going through during a rush but if you have a little empathy and a “roll up your sleeves” attitude, you’ll be just fine. 

Mike and Amy didn’t have any restaurant experience at all, other than spending a lot of time in them as patrons and loving the atmosphere enough to want to make it their passion. 

Mike is a grant writer for major universities and Amy is a practiced pediatric oncology nurse, which is probably about as far off from the restaurant and food industry as it gets. But guess what? Mike and Amy are truly equipped to be successful in their Voodoo craft beer franchise because they have what it takes to make their brewpub something special in their community.

Perks of the Voodoo Business Model

Here’s what Mike and Amy named as their top perk points in Voodoo’s business model: 

-Streamlined operations with counter service

-Off-site brewing (fewer headaches, just as much fun!) 

-Access to an executive chef! (We agree – Chef Nate is the BOMB!) 

-Free Voodoo beers at the Voodoo Discovery Day! Yay!

These perks are such a brief overview of the many incentives that Voodoo has to offer. Our Franchise Owners value the opportunity to become part of a unique team that truly cares about their members and knowing the Voodoo tribe always has their back- while still getting to OWN their location, in terms of making it unlike any other Voodoo brewpub around.

You’ll have control and creativity while being supported and surrounded by your Voodoo Family! For our craft beer Franchise Owners, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Taking the Plunge

Once they got a feel for how Voodoo operations work and requested information about the Franchise Opportunities, Mike and Amy were ecstatic to put their years of ideas into motion. 

Mike offers some excellent insight about taking the plunge and what being a part of Voodoo is all about, Be all in! I know for some people franchises are all about ROI and investment, but to me, this whole experience is about passion and wanting to be part of the Voodoo family.”

We couldn’t agree more, Mike. Here at Voodoo, we truly believe that it’s all about doing what you love and letting the profits follow. We put our heart into each crafted beer, marketing campaign, and of course, the day-to-day operations of our Voodoo Brewing Co. locations. Because at the end of the day, if you can’t love what you do, it’s not worth doing at all.

Voodoo craft brewery franchise is fun!

Want to be the next to bring a Voodoo craft beer franchise to your city? Here’s how

If you want to take your love of craft beer to the next level by owning your very own brewpub without the hassle of having to become a Master Brewer yourself, Voodoo Brewing Co. may be the ticket to your dreams. 

Why wait to build your future? The time to invest in an established brand with your best intentions in mind is now. Voodoo Franchise Owners are treated like family within the Voodoo Brewing Tribe and we never turn our back on family (Just like the never-ending saga of The Fast and the Furious – Voodoo is FOREVER!)

Opportunity is Knocking…. Let It In!

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