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David Rivotto is Living the Dream as a Voodoo Brewing Co. Franchise Owner… and So Can YOU!

Meet the newest hometown hero coming soon to Indianapolis: David Rivotto. As one of the newest Franchise Owners to join the Voodoo Brewing Co. community, we couldn’t be more excited for him to join our growing community of beer connoisseurs! David is a driven and motivated individual who’s ready to trade in his day job for entrepreneurship.

Let’s take a closer look at David’s journey and see why he’s chosen Voodoo Brewing Franchise.

From selling medical devices to ice-cold brews

David has always been a go-getter with a drive to succeed. Before he decided to open his own bar franchise location, he was a surgical sales representative for a medical device company. Quite the career change!

You may be wondering: What made David want to become an entrepreneur? He mentioned to us, “I didn’t know that I really “wanted” to become an entrepreneur as much as I have had this internal drive and burning in my gut to build, create, start something that produces and thrives.” We couldn’t be more excited that David decided to trade in medical devices for an ice-cold beer.

With Voodoo Brewing, he’ll be able to do more than just build a franchise he can be proud of. He’ll be able to create memories and start a new and different journey than what he’s been doing the last few years.

Outside of Voodoo, David is a workout fanatic, a lifelong learner, and a devoted husband and father! Now that he’s a Franchise Owner, we can now say he’s the complete package!

Meeting the corporate team

We were fortunate enough to meet David at our Discovery Day, and we knew he was a great fit for our franchise business model. The best part is, he knew it, too!

Our corporate team embodies everything it means to be part of Voodoo Brewing Co. If you mesh with them, you mesh with Voodoo. That’s just how it works! Our team is passionate about what they do and wants to see Franchise Owners succeed. When we asked David what he liked about the corporate team, he mentioned, “The genesis of the concept, the journey that has been taken, and the passion that they have for the product.”

That same passion and drive they have, we saw in David too. That’s why we’re so excited to see him thrive as a Franchise Owner.

why voodoo is the anti-franchise franchise

David takes on Discovery Day

When asked how he felt about Discovery Day, he mentioned, “Touring the brewing facility and getting educated on the process, seeing how they are investing in equipment for growth and the future, touring the individual brewery locations, and tasting the menu and the liquid.” If we had to guess, we’re sure tasting the menu and the liquid was his favorite part… but we appreciate him mentioning the rest!

Experiencing the Voodoo difference

It’s no secret that Voodoo Brewing isn’t like the rest. David said what sets Voodoo apart in his eyes is the “ Unique concept of the European Beer Hall experience with upscale pub fare, great craft beer, and a casual and inviting atmosphere without all of the pomp and circumstance of in-house brewing.”

Outside of the upscale pub experience we provide, we also have a killer franchise business model that David was also drawn to while doing his research. He told us he likes that he’s, “…able to keep high margins and costs low in a reproducible format without having the cost and upkeep of brewing equipment and a brewmaster.” We mean it when we say we brew it, and you move it! You can be the hometown hero and bring some of the most reputable craft beers on Earth to your hood without brewing a single keg of craft beer yourself.

Finding success owning a brewpub franchise

We know David will be successful with us because he has three of the most important attributes: drive, determination, and grit. He’s got everything he needs to be successful with us, and we can’t wait to see the mark he leaves on Indianapolis, Indiana. If you’re in the area, stop by, meet David, and see if becoming a Franchise Owner is the right option for you! David has one piece of advice for anyone interested: “Do research, ask questions, do Discovery Day and enjoy the ride.”

We couldn’t agree more. Choosing to switch career paths and learning how to open your own craft beer brewery is no small fret. It takes time, dedication, and commitment. All things that we knew David had, and we’re sure you do too!

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