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Dave and Kim Simons are Living the Dream as Voodoo Franchise Owners…and So Can YOU!

Voodoo brewpub Franchise Owners Dave and Kim Simons

Meet Dave and Kim Simons, two of Voodoo’s newest Franchise Owners! They are living their best life and doing what they love… and so can you!

Are you thinking to yourself, “but I don’t have any restaurant industry experience”? With Voodoo, you don’t need to have prior restaurant or business ownership experience because we take all of the heavy lifting out of operating your own successful brewpub. We keep our operations as simple as possible while brewing all of the product for you! What could be better than that?

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at Dave and Kim, whose Voodoo brewpub is scheduled to open its doors in Fountain Inn, South Carolina in early 2022. They are looking forward to spending more time together with the family, making great profits, and having fun doing it!

No Restaurant Experience? No Problem!

Dave Simons spent 30 years of his career working with insurance and financial services sales in a leadership position while Kim became a stay-at-home mom to their three children after having a successful career in psychology. While Dave has enjoyed his corporate position throughout the years, the couple felt like it was time for a change and wanted to do something together.

Did Dave and Kim feel that a lack of restaurant industry experience might slow them down coming into this franchise opportunity? Heck no!

In fact, Dave’s leadership experience in the finance realm helped them realize that Voodoo’s franchise opportunity was the best way for the family to own their own business with little upfront investment… and a huge opportunity to return that investment more quickly.

Dave’s advice to new Franchise Owners is this:


“Find a professional team that specializes in franchises to help you through the process.” 

They’re absolutely right- we are laser-focused on making sure our Franchise Owners feel like the whole Voodoo tribe is behind them in all they do. Our unique business model provides Franchise Owners with all the support they need from day one, including a 30,000 square foot taproom cranking out some of the world’s best beer. Our Master Brewer and his team spend each day putting their blood, sweat, and tears into every Voodoo craft brew they create (not literally..that’s gross.) All our Franchise Owners have to do is sell it in a fun, laid-back brewpub that inspires conversation and gathering. Not a bad deal, right?

If owning your own business has always been a lifetime dream of yours like it was for Dave and Kim, having a strong team to help guide you along the way in terms of real estate, legalities, and contracts, not to mention the creation and distribution of the product you’re selling, will save you tons of time and money in the long run. After all, we only have one life to live- might as well maximize our experience!

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Right Motivation + Right Time = Beer Franchise Success

When we asked Dave what the inspiration and motivation for becoming a Voodoo Brewing Co. Franchise Owner, he said that it was Kim who steered them in this direction, and they are very excited about their newest partnership. Being able to spend time together while having fun was high on the priority list, and with Voodoo Brewing Co., they were able to make it happen!

Dave and Kim have some pretty amazing insight about the restaurant industry and the current environment of the market in a post-pandemic world. Here’s what he says is his secret weapon for future success:


I believe it’s the right time and economic environment combined with the right business model and team for tremendous growth potential. Throw in hard work and passion and the stage is set for success.”

While some may be wary about opening a new restaurant or brewpub due to ongoing concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we totally get it. However, it’s actually the perfect time to open up a franchise brewpub with an already established brand that has a cult-like following, like Voodoo! As the fallout from Omicron begins to settle down and the world is able to return to a closer version of what we remember from life before the pandemic, hitting a favorite restaurant or pub with their long-lost crew is at the top of most people’s to-do lists!

Also, this is the perfect time to pick up “turn-key” real estate that is already set up for your ideal brewpub. If you can find a recently closed restaurant or bar in your area you may be able to get furniture and other necessary items at a discount- not to mention prime real estate in a happening area, for a whole lot less than it would have cost in 2019.

We already have a globally recognized brand with a combined social media tally of over 45,000 followers. We’ve spent the last decade promoting our beer by attending national and international beer festivals, and we’ve actually won quite a few awards for our delicious liquid. We put a ton of care into brewing our product and it shows with the accolades we’ve received. Check out the full list here.

Why Dave and Kim Chose Voodoo

Our franchise is not only a quarter of the cost of the initial investment of our competitors, but we stand behind our product 100%. Dave said it best when asked why he chose Voodoo over other franchise opportunities:

“They have great people and really great products they are producing. Kim and I are very excited by the opportunity to be part of the Voodoo team.” 


Dave’s right, we are a team. And we treat each one of our Franchise Owners like family. Dave also said that another reason he chose Voodoo was because of our simplified business model. We take the guesswork and complications out of owning a brewpub, mainly with our European beer-hall style of service and lean staff requirements. 

All products are ordered and picked up from a counter which leaves the rest of your staff available to interact with guests and efficiently serve beer and other drinks to the patrons. This allows you to operate with an efficient and tight-knit staff, removing many of the complications of “normal” restaurant service. Compared with traditional sit-down restaurants that are currently struggling with staffing shortages, our simple operations are tailor-made to save Franchise Owners all kinds of headaches down the road. In fact, many business owners are transitioning to this simplified model of service and seeing huge success- we’re thinking maybe we started a trend!

craft beer franchise post-COVID

As they made their way through our Franchise Discovery Process, Dave and Kim were invited to our Voodoo HQ in Meadville, PA for their Approval Day, where they got a chance to meet some of our other Voodoo Franchise Owners and talk with our Founder, our CEO, and the rest of the support team.

“ It was great getting to meet the team and see how they work together as a family. We also enjoyed getting the opportunity to try all the beer and food.”

At Voodoo, we are all about having fun! Seriously, it’s literally written into our ethos and mission statements. We want you to feel good about starting your journey with Voodoo Brewing Co. and we love inviting our Franchise Owners to all sit around the same table and share a beer together.

We want you to have the opportunity to love our product as much as we do- that’s why we encourage you to drink Voodoo beer (as if you’ll need much encouragement there) and think outside the box when it comes to decorating your unique Voodoo brewpub space with local flair. Creating your space to your personal touch and with homage to local culture is not only allowed but encouraged (!!) at Voodoo. So, if you’re more into those cookie-cutter pub chains that look identical in every city, right down to their hokey knickknacks, you’re in the wrong place.

We say this very enthusiastically because we mean it! Giving props to your local community is high on our priority list and we want your location to feel like the only Voodoo brewpub in the world, not just one of many clones.

Want to Be Like Dave and Kim?

(Of Course You Do! They’re Awesome)


Does this sound like a dream come true? This could happen for you too! Dave and Kim are getting to spend more time together, along with their badass dog, while making people happy by serving great craft brews and food. They are truly embodying the phrase, “living your best life” and we couldn’t be happier for them!

Does this pique your interest? Have you always dreamed of owning your own brewpub, but you don’t want to start completely from scratch? If you want to be a part of a team behind making the world’s greatest craft brews (without actually brewing a single batch yourself), this could be your chance! 

We don’t pick just anybody, though. We’re in this for more than the money- it’s important to us that everyone on our team has the same mindset of serving great brews, having tons of fun, and not being a ******. 

If this sounds like the time of your life and a team you can’t wait to be a part of, get more information about Voodoo Brewing Franchise Opportunities here!

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