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Craft Beer is BIG Business! (Just Ask Our Franchise Owners)

Have you thought about becoming a craft beer Franchise Owner but are a little wary of the profitability of craft beer? Although craft beer has certainly gained monumental popularity over the last decade, we assure you – the hype isn’t slowing down. Many people don’t realize how lucrative the craft beer industry can be, but with low overhead and major margin for profits – you’ll see how simple (and profitable!) being a craft beer Franchise Owner can be!

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Craft beer is BIG business, people. We’re talking… really big. Honestly, we’ve been in business for over a decade and even we were surprised at how easy it is to make a lucrative living from the craft beer industry. And the best part about being a Voodoo craft beer Franchise Owner? You don’t even have to brew it – our Master Brewers have spent years perfecting the art of craft brewing so you don’t have to! You’ll save thousands of dollars on upfront manufacturing costs because all of your product is delivered straight to you and ready for consumption! 

Voodoo Brewing Co. takes the heavy lifting out of owning your own craft brewery. All you have to do is provide some of your own style and flair, find your crew, and open your doors for business! You hardly have to convince people to want to drink great beer, it’s just like the classic movie adage from Field of Dreams (1989) – “if you build it, they will come.”

Stats on the Craft Beer Industry

In case you didn’t know, beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage over wine and liquor, in terms of sales.  While craft beer doesn’t make up a huge percent of that margin, it is steadily growing in popularity. Patrons are beginning to develop their palates towards IPAs, blonde ales, session beers, imperial porters, and so on. While craft beer might be slightly more pricey, there are many options and endless varieties of flavors to choose from, not to mention many craft beer enthusiasts who are willing to pay top dollar for an amazing and unique beer-drinking experience.

We’ve compiled research from the annual Consumer Goods and FMCG report on Alcoholic Beverages in the United States for 2020 to give you some statistics and information in one easy-to-read place. Here are some highlights for the US craft beer industry in 2020:

  • Craft beer makes up 23.6% of the US retail beer market 
  • Average of 22.2 billion dollars in craft beer sales
  • Craft beer sales have seen a steady increase since 2011 (with a slight drop in 2020 due to Coronavirus pandemic nationwide shut down of bars and taprooms) 
  • 14% of Americans drink beer at least once a week
  • Neilson Harris data reports the percentage of 21+ population that drinks craft beer has risen from 35% in 2015 to 44% in 2020

While there’s some uncertainty for 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, predictions are that sales will hit a major increase toward the second half of 2021 as more people become vaccinated and feel more comfortable congregating in public places. This means that if you start the Voodoo franchise process now, you can open just in time for peak beer season and begin earning profits more quickly!

Stats on the Franchise Industry 

So we know the craft beer industry is alive and thriving, but what about the franchise industry? Overall, being a Franchise Owner is less risky than starting a business on your own, but how did COVID-19 impact the profitability of franchises throughout the US? We took a look at some of the statistics and data surrounding this global phenomenon and the proof is in the pudding: if you are thinking about starting your own business – a franchise opportunity is definitely the way to go in this uncertain climate. 

We gained some valuable insight from the IFA (International Franchise Association) Economic Outlook Report for 2020 and the Predictions for 2021 to give you a well-rounded view at what to expect for the upcoming economic climate. 

Here’s some quick information for you on becoming a franchise business owner in 2021: 

  • The most expected franchise opportunities will be in personal services, quick-service and full-service restaurants
  • Franchising is projected to open more than 26,000 new locations
  • Create 800,000 new jobs
  • Contribute 477 billion to the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • While 2020 saw some loss in growth percentages, projections show 2021 higher than ever
  • Franchises contributed 670 billion to the total economic output, representing 3% of the total nominal GDP
  • The franchise market is expected to make a full financial recovery growing at a projected rate of 3.5%
  • Franchise employment is projected to add a total of 8.3 million new hires by the end of 2021

As you can see, franchise businesses are expected to make a full recovery for 2021. Wouldn’t you like to help create new jobs for your community – while serving badass Voodoo craft beer? According to these data estimates, franchise businesses are expected to make a huge contribution to the overall economic growth for 2021. These statistics are very promising in such an uncertain economic climate and with Voodoo, the reward can far outweigh the risk!

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Stats on Voodoo Craft Beer Franchises

It’s pretty obvious why you would want to choose Voodoo as the company to franchise with – we’re fun, we make amazing craft beer, and we let you be you. We celebrate individual style and make it really easy to make great profits from our company. 

Sounds like a dream right? Well here are some solid stats from our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) from 2020. Want to see this report for yourself? No problem, just fill out our short questionnaire and we’ll send you a copy ASAP!

To give you a quick rundown – here are some highlights of the perks and profitability of owning your very own Voodoo craft beer franchise:

  • Voodoo Brewing Co. is an established and successful brand with over 40K followers on social media – people know us!
  • The initial investment is only ¼ of the franchise costs of our national competitors
  • Our Average Gross Sales (AGS) are $586,202*
  • The sales-to-investment ratio is 168%
  • We’re a Top 50 Brewery with multiple awards 
  • Franchise Owners can enjoy multiple revenue streams including food, non-alcoholic beverages, and merchandise – and of course, authentic Voodoo craft beer!
  • All of the beer is brewed off-site and delivered straight to you, you don’t have to worry about the brewing process, maintenance, or cleaning huge vats of beer
  • Total investment is around $358,500 – $659,500

*Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD

Why Now is the Best Time to Start 

Typically after going through our Franchise Owner education process and signing your franchise agreement, it takes about 9 months to open your own Voodoo pub and welcome your first customers. Though the current economic climate is uncertain, especially for restaurant and bar owners, due to the COVID-19 shutdowns, experts project that in 9-12 months we will be seeing huge gains in economic prosperity for the U.S. By mid-2021, we should start seeing pre-pandemic numbers again and for the next several years is projected to surpass its potential until around 2025. 

That means that this is the perfect time to begin your Voodoo Brewing Co. craft beer franchise and hit peak numbers while getting your business established during a time of high economic prosperity. Since everyone has been stuck inside for the better part of a year, people will begin to flock to restaurants, bars, and other local gathering places to have some much-needed fun with friends they haven’t gotten to see in a while. 

With the minimum risk that franchises offer, opening a Voodoo pub can help you realize your entrepreneurial dreams while giving you a better chance for financial security and long-term career growth. This could be the decision that changes your life for the better – you don’t want to miss this perfect window of opportunity to bring jobs and amazing craft beer to your community.

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What are You Waiting For? 

It’s all adding up – and how can you deny the statistics? The craft beer industry is growing, and franchises are projected to make a full recovery that is projected to surpass even pre-pandemic numbers. Voodoo Brewing has successfully grown while launching during a major recession in 2015, and our team can help you navigate the current economic climate with what we’ve learned. Economic experts believe we are about to see a reboot of the Roaring ’20s, with a period of economic prosperity that we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. Sounds like a pretty good time to open a Voodoo pub in your community!

If the following sounds like you, you’ll be a great fit for what we do here at Voodoo.

  • You’re a boss – the leader of the pack, the alpha, and you know how to get things done
  • You also LOVE to have a good time! At Voodoo Brewing, we are all about serving a great product and having fun while doing it
  • You live life on your terms – you don’t want some huge corporation telling you what to do and how to run your business
  • You love beer – I mean come on, who doesn’t?
  • No A-Holes please – let’s face it, mean people suck!
  • You know that it’s all about the team – tribe mentality will get you far with Voodoo Brewing Franchise, our operating strategy relies on a skeleton-sized crew that works as a solid-unit team. 

Sound like something you’d be into? Voodoo craft beer franchise opportunities are for those who are ready to change their lives for the better and have a kick-ass time doing it. 

Take the right steps toward being your own boss starting today! For more information, please visit our franchise website here or take a look at our frequently asked questions here. Want to talk to a real person? Give us a call at 720.797.6671.

Own an anti-corporate, pro-fun brewery franchise.

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