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You’re back!

Now that you’ve seen some of the competition, dive deeper and see why we’re better.

…and easier.
…and much, much less expensive.

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How Can you possibly still be on the fence?

Was working in a cubicle really your dream when you were growing up? Probably not.

Look, before you’re bashing your head against the wall again after enduring another two-hour all-team meeting, think about what you really want, and how this moment — right now, right here as you’re reading these words in your head — is the start of getting away from office politics and uncomfortable khakis. A real path to your actual dreams. 

Stop the boring, start the pouring.


We’ve got your back. All you need is a little support from the best support team in the franchise game.

You want to own your own brewery,

but you’ve seen how expensive it might be

You want to own your own brewery,

and we’re gonna make that a reality


but you’re afraid of how your own brews will turn out


and we’re going to brew it for you and ship it to you fresh.

You want to be successful,

but know that anything worth the effort is going to be hard.

You want to be successful,

and we’ve got the blueprints for running a sucessful brewpub without the normal headaches of owning a business.

Why should you stop being indecisive and own A Voodoo BREWERY RIGHT NOW?

Badass, fun people serving some of the BEST beer in the world — with a business model that makes every other restaurant or brewery franchise pretty much irrelevant:

Voodoo Brewing Co - Beer SVG

Your Own Brewpub,
for a MUCH Smaller Investment

The average Voodoo investment is less than HALF the average investment of a brewery or restaurant franchise — and way less of a hassle.

We Brew It,
You Move It

Brewing’s a complicated, expensive, messy and time-consuming process. Let us brew the best beer on earth…all you have to do is sell it.

The “Anti-

For those who don’t live by corporate rules, but like the safety that comes with being part of a larger organization.


Our European beer hall design lets you operate on a lean staff of 6 people or less, which means fewer headaches and more profit.


You can own a pub that has world-renowned Voodoo Brewery beer on tap for less than HALF the average brewery or restaurant franchise (or a competing beer franchise).

Initial Investment

$293,750 – $671,500

Franchise Fee


Required Net Worth


Required Liquid Capital


*Single Location

Why Voodoo is a Better (and Easier) Investment: 

Voodoo Brewing Co - Award SVG


Almost everything you need for your Voodoo is included in the initial investment

Voodoo Brewing Co - Stamp SVG


We look for existing connections — gas, plumbing, beer and tap lines, etc. to keep costs as low as possible.

Voodoo Brewing Co - Brew Tank SVG

Minimal Equipment

No deep fryers, and no big, expensive restaurant or brewery equipment needed

Voodoo Brewing Co - Off The Wall SVG

More Accessible

Lower financial requirements than the competition (some require at least $1 million in net worth per location!)

Voodoo Brewing Co - Beer God SVG

Make It Your Own

Lower investment means Owners can invest more money on making their Voodoo truly unique

Voodoo is the ideal opportunity for those who are serious about serving great food and great beer. We brew it. You sell it.

Less equipment, less cost
(And way less hassle).

As you’ve been on the journey to find the perfect brewery franchise, you’re probably starting to figure out exactly how much really goes into this all. Brewing beer — especially beer that gets you noticed around the world — is very hard, very expensive work.

Average Microbrewery Investment

Standard Brewery Equipment:
  • Kegs
  • Kettles
  • Boilers
  • Bottle or canning lines
  • Labeling machines
  • Fermentation tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Malt mills 
  • Mash tuns
  • Filtration systems
  • Brite tanks 
  • Pumps and valves
  • Cellar equipment 

    *Source: Incfile

    Average Restaurant Investment:

    Standard Full-Service Restaurant Equipment:
    • Commercial ovens
    • Large grill 
    • Gas/electric range 
    • Large ventilation systems
    • Food processors
    • Floor mixers
    • Slicers
    • Prep counter
    • Blast freezers
    • Refrigeration systems
    • Cooking equipment (pots, pans, etc.) 
    • Deep fryers
    • Steam tables 

    *Source: Upserve

    Everyone is different.

    we’re outstanding.

    We’ve never claimed to be like all the other craft breweries and pubs out there — we think that marching to the beat of our own drum is one of our greatest strengths, and we’re not going to change anytime soon. So, what makes us so different from the rest?

    Quality. Quality. Quality.

    We can’t emphasize this enough. For us, it’s all about the quality of the liquid, first and foremost. 

    Pub Food on Steroids

    There’s bar food… Then there’s our pub menu. Inventive, locally-sourced menu items specific to each brewpub so no two are alike.

    Off-the-Wall Atmosphere

    Franchise Partners are encouraged to let their personalities run off-leash with each pub’s décor for a distinctive, quirky vibe. 

    We’ve Got Clout

    Voodoo has built a global following of raving fans who enjoy our beer and food, wear our threads, and spread positive vibes about us everywhere they go!


    Q: How much money do I need to open my own Voodoo Brewery franchise location?

    A: Our initial investment ranges from $293,750-$671,500, which includes a $75,000 franchise fee for 1 location. We also ask that our candidates have at least $150,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of $450,000 or higher.

    Q: I have no idea how to brew beer. Can I still own a craft beer franchise like Voodoo Brewery?

    A: Short answer: YES. Long answer: We brew all our beer at our 30,000-square foot taproom in Meadville, PA, and then deliver it right to the doorstep of each brewpub location. We are equipped to keep doing this no matter how many franchise locations we acquire, so there’s no danger of you ever having to brew beer on your own.

    Q: Do you sell anything besides craft beer?

    Q: Do you sell anything besides craft beer?

    A: We sure do- glad you asked! In addition to our award-winning beer, we also sell barrel-aged mixed drinks for those non-beer types, as well as nitro coffee and nitro teas for customers looking for a caffeine boost. Then there’s our eclectic, localized pub menu created by our Executive Chef, Nate Cillo and individually crafted for each brewpub so that no two menus are alike. Oh, and we didn’t even talk about the merch! Baseball caps, t-shirts, scarves, you name it- all for our rabid Voodoo fans who love us so much they want to WEAR us!

    Q: I love the idea of owning a brewpub...but I’m not the “pub franchise” type. Can I make the space my own?

    A: Absolutely…within reason. Though we have some guidelines, we love to let our Franchise Partners off-leash in terms of creative pub décor. Also, we make it a point to welcome input and suggestions from the whole Voodoo clan, to see where we can make a good thing even better!

    Q: Are there really enough craft beer fans in my community to make a Voodoo brewpub a success?

    A: According to our research, American craft breweries have a 24.2% share of the $114.2 billion beer market and the number of craft beer drinkers in the U.S. is expected to increase by 15.8% over the next five years. So, yeah, we’re expecting some serious craft beer fans at every brewpub we open. But the best thing about Voodoo is that even if you don’t like craft beer for some reason, you’re still going to love Voodoo for its food, atmosphere, and vibe. So far, we’ve been a big hit everywhere we’ve opened, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    Q: How long will it take for my Voodoo Brewery franchise location to open?

    A: Once you’ve gone through our education process and signed the Franchise Agreement, you can expect a ramp-up time of about 9 months before you get to open the doors and welcome your first customers.

    Q: How many staff members do I need to run a Voodoo Brewery franchise?

    A: Minimal- we recommend at least 6 per location, including a Kitchen Manager, at least 2 front-of-house staff, 2 full-time line cooks, and you (or another General Manager if you’re in a Semi-Absentee role)! That’s a lot less staff than a typical bar or restaurant needs, mainly because our European-style beer hall concept eliminates the need for a robust wait staff. 

    Fewer staff=fewer headaches (and more revenue)!

    Q: Does size matter? (Um, for a Voodoo Brewery location, I mean?)

    A: We love old buildings that have been part of the community for a while and look like they belong there. We’re also huge fans of balconies, small bedrooms, and any other characteristic that gives a Voodoo Brewery location a distinctive vibe of industrial quirk. Our ideal locations are somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 square feet, and we try to look for places that previously housed restaurants so we can keep buildout costs low. 

    Q: What kind of neighborhood does Voodoo Brewery work best in?

    A: Voodoo Brewery thrives in post-industrial, modern areas with high foot traffic- usually areas where the nightlife is flourishing. We are not a concept that would do well in a strip mall. Mainly because strip malls are lame.

    Own an anti-corporate,
    pro-fun brewery franchise.

    Franchise territories are selling out faster than a cold Voodoo on a hot day.

    Fill out the form to find out if your territory is available, and get access to all our franchise info.

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