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We’ve just started the year with a BANG here at Voodoo Brewery, as our craft beer business has finally made its way out west. New Franchise Owner Alison Wainwright liked the Voodoo model so much that she decided to sell out the entire city of Las Vegas, NV! Our team was lucky enough to catch up with her to talk about her story and big plans for her new brewery.

A natural fit for the Voodoo business model, Alison has been an entrepreneur since she was young, describing how she used to sell home-made perfume and mow lawns in grade school to make some extra money. She’s carried this trait with her well into her professional career, having owned a small business in Las Vegas for the past 16 years. Recently, though, Alison was looking to change things up and scratch her entrepreneurial itch once again. Who better to do it with than Voodoo Brewery? 

craft beer business

Alison is slated to open her Voodoo Brewery within the coming months

Alison wasn’t always planning on opening a craft beer business, however. She actually came across Voodoo nearly by accident! “I was actually researching tanning salon franchises and somehow came across some information about Voodoo on the internet,” says Alison. “Even though it wasn’t related to what I was originally looking for, I couldn’t stop reading and learning more about Voodoo. The branding and business model fit me perfectly!”

Within merely days, Alison was speaking with a brand representative and well on her way to opening up her own craft beer business with Voodoo Brewery. She was instantly hooked on the Voodoo model, so much so that she describes not being able to sleep because she couldn’t stop thinking of how good a fit the opportunity was for her! After a virtual discovery day and Zoom meeting with Voodoo President Jake Voelker and CEO Matteo Rachocki, Alison was certain that she and Voodoo were a perfect match.

Fast forward several months, and Alison is well ahead of schedule to open her first Voodoo Brewery later this year. “I love the flexibility and diversity this company offers,” Alison describes. “They are open to ideas and I truly feel like we are a team. It feels like I’m part of the family.” We’re very excited to see what the future holds for Alison and her new craft beer business and we have no doubt that both she and her new franchise will be quite successful in the entertainment capital of the world!

What was it about the Voodoo franchising model that had Alison hooked? Well, for starters, our Franchise Owners enjoy the potential for tremendous growth and profitability. In 2019, our franchises saw average gross sales of $586,202, with our top pub grossing $1,143,971.* At the same time, our investment starts at $358,500, a quarter of the cost of other brewery franchise concepts! Our simple, straightforward design lets our Franchise Owners operate on a lean staff of six people or less, meaning fewer headaches and more potential for high profitability. 

Another aspect of our model that our Franchise Owners like Alison love is the fact that our Franchise Owners get to be their own bosses. When you own a craft beer business with Voodoo, you get to do things your way on your schedule. This means having time off when you need it, taking that vacation you’ve always been wanting, and spending more time with the fam. If any challenges are to arise, our corporate support team has you covered, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need help training staff, pushing marketing efforts, or just need someone to drink a beer with, you can rest easy knowing that our support team has your back any time!

Best of all, however, owning a craft beer business with Voodoo Brewery is fun! Not only do you get to serve some of the most badass food and beer out there, but you’re constantly surrounded by like-minded people that share your passion. Each Voodoo Brewery has its own unique atmosphere that can’t be replicated anywhere else. As a Franchise Owner, you get to add you’re own flair and make it truly your own, something that typical franchise opportunities simply cannot offer. This not only gives you a sense of pride but a daily fulfillment that can’t be found elsewhere.

So what’re you waiting for? Leave your boring corporate career in the dust and bring a legendary beer experience to your community. Visit our franchising site to get started.

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*Numbers obtained from 2020 FDD Document

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