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5 Signs Your City Needed a Craft Brewery Franchise, Like, Yesterday


What is it that is so awesome about a Craft Brewery Franchise? 

Voodoo craft brewery franchise is fun!There’s the beer, of course, always a fresh batch of something seasonal to taste, the excitement of something new. The benefits of a craft brewery franchise like Voodoo Brewing Co. go far beyond the beer itself, however, and not just for the Franchise Owners.

 A craft brewery is not just a distributor of fine beer but a hub for its community. Connections are made, local commerce takes place and local artists have a space to perform. A craft brewery is an attraction, for visitors to your city to visit, and get to know the people who live there. 

With market demand for craft breweries on the rise, it might be just the thing your city needs to build a sense of community. We take a look at 5 signs your city needs a craft brewery franchise, in case you are sitting on top of the opportunity of a lifetime and didn’t even know it!


There’s simply nowhere to go

Here’s a familiar scenario. It’s Friday afternoon, work is done for the week (finally) and its time to commend the hard work that has been done with your second family, your team. It’s time for a beer, but this comes with a really difficult decision. Where?

The only places really worth heading to are across town, too far to travel, so you opt for that bar in the hotel across the street. It’s dead, as in even the bartender is nowhere to be found. 

The beer tastes old in the warm sleeve and you decide to just pay the bill rather than buy another round of flat draught beer

It’s a real problem!

With gentrification taking place across the country in many urban neighborhoods, there is an increased demand for quality watering holes as the dated dives shut their doors and the areas are redeveloped. 

This could be a prime opportunity for a savvy investor to satisfy a community need for a public house and quality craft beer.


The only places to go are gross

Have you ever walked into a bar that has that faded, cigarette-burned teal carpet (why is it always teal?!) with such delightful decor as neon beer signs, taxidermy, and saloon doors? Of course you have. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good dive as much as the next guy, but let’s face it, sometimes a person has got to eat, and when I am a little worried about the last time the surfaces were cleaned, I’m not about to order the cheeseburger. 

I’m not alone either: as craft breweries have raised the bar for experience, the old biker bars and dives simply don’t draw the numbers that they used to. Those damned millennials are so entitled – wanting to consume their food and drink in a clean, inviting environment that doesn’t smell- just unbelievable

Opening up a shiny new craft brewery franchise in a city where the best bar is a dive can be a great way to enliven a stagnated part of the community, and earn a decent return on investment in the process.  

The bars are over-commercialized 

This was a big problem for consumers in their hometown for a long time. As the particularly apt entrepreneurs should already know, a problem is an opportunity for a product. 

chugging at a craft brewery franchise locationIn cities where this is taking place, people actually don’t particularly like the overly-franchised restaurant lounge clones as much as one might think. 

These places do very well, thanks to their base of brand recognition, however, in my neighborhood alone, there are three different locations of the same restaurant, all within 5 minutes walking distance from each other. 

This is obviously not ideal, as it creates competition between Franchise Owners, who should really be supporting each other. 

A franchise like Voodoo Brewing, who literally self-describes as the anti-franchise, is an awesome example of getting it right in the pocket. 

Brand recognition and support without being such a large corporate conglomerate that it is literally eating itself. This brand is placing itself much closer to the consumer than the latter model and stands to reap the rewards in high traffic areas where this is to be found.

Return of the undead bar


This is a phenomenon that I find humorous as well as a little puzzling. Many entrepreneurs and business-minded folks who love beer, may have noticed that pub or restaurant that always seems to be coming back with a different name, signage, and décor perhaps, but is still, in essence, doing the same thing as its predecessor – failing! 

I can’t imagine the rationale that invests x number of hundreds of thousands of dollars into an establishment that is being sold due to lack of performance, and then proceeds to change the name and operate in the exact same manner – sometimes with the same menu! 

It’s absurd, textbook insanity, and it is a fantastic sign that your city needs a fresh idea like an award-winning craft brewery franchise.

Brewpubs a-plenty

craft brewery franchise with food“Well, I do love the idea”, you may be thinking, “but there are already a few craft breweries in my city.

 Here’s the thing – what makes craft beer so incredibly popular, and so wildly successful, is that it satisfies the consumer’s need for novelty.

 In a city with a thriving craft beer scene, different breweries enjoy the benefits of craft beer tourism. What a beautiful concept, and a way for breweries to compete when consumers commonly attend several establishments in a night. 

The fact that this appeal to this industry is based on individual brands and their character and of course their beer, makes for an inclusive, and ultimately lucrative market space. 

Going in with pre-developed brand recognition makes a Franchise Owner all the more likely to succeed even if they are entering a thriving craft beer scene. The more the merrier!

Cities stand to benefit from a healthy, and thriving beer scene, whether rife with breweries or centered on just one popular spot.

Buying the right franchise for your community could be an incredible opportunity to provide a service that people love to enjoy.

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